Malt Casual

All September, the SOHO VICE store will become Uniqlo @ Vice, where chilly chill Jap brand Uniqlo's new fall line will be showcased, all items selected by the trustworthily stylish store staff. Uniqlo is soon opening stores in the states, but until then the brand will only be available at Vice on Lafayette. If you're familiar with Uniqlo you know what to expect; low price, low key, no gimmicks casual. A good look for VICE, as they've always been about style while pretty much ignoring fashion, at least for the past 3 years or so.

  • I'm pretty positive I'm over Clarendon; when your press page is in better shape than your product page, you know you've lost the plot.
  • Caps & Jones got chirps & claps all over their new mix CD for the main mang Lemon-Red.
  • Hope you got room on your hard drive- Low End Theory dropped a gang of drankin' related hip hop, plus points ya towards mp3s for the St Ides ads of the 90s... and yes, that does include the one where Wu-Tang is chillin in front of the liquor store and Meth pops out of a box... or was it Ghost?


Bear Witness

The cats over at Mishka have reloaded their website, I took a minute to get the lowdown below...

But first, in other me-talking-to-people news, click your way over to Dopefiend for a discussion I participated in with a few other dudes you might have heard of... The joint was pretty fun, although I had to ask the editor over at Dopefiend to cut out a few choice words- let's just say I was listening to Junior Mafia during the conversation...

On with the Mishka interview...

A Silent Flute: Ok, so what's the deal with the new site and giveaway?
Mikhail: Well we’ve been without a site, or rather an updated site for so fucking long we al l just felt like it would be a nice thing to do for all the kids who stuck by, supported and helped us grow over the past two years- even though we were about as professional about our website as a 16 year old goth with his Live Journal. The giveaway’s basically just a thank you to those people. The NYCCCP thing is something we've kicked around for a while and we were set to release a bunch of tees for it in spring '06, but then we figured, what the fuck- lets make a colorway that we giveaway for free, and lets make it match the diamond dunks. I know, I know, very original of us.

ASF: What's NYCCCP thing all about?
Mikhail: It’s our new design; a play on NYC and CCCP being that we're Mishka and all that Russian shit. We just morphed it together, but what it stands for is another thing; it’s on a whole PNB nation or KMFDM type of tip where we flip up what it'll stand for... it's like our own crew I suppose.

ASF: so people can go to the site to find out more about the giveaway?
Mikhail: yeah, I wrote all about it on our homepage blog; first 50 people who place pre-orders will get a free shirt right away, and then their order soon after.

ASF: ok gotcha... you've got another shirt by Rezeon Scum this season... what's the story on this cat?
Mikhail: He's Japanese.... I think that might explain a lot, no? I'm kidding... He's a fucking great artist and a good friend of ours who's artistic sensibilities just happen to fall in line with Mishka’s. He's currently back in