Mas y Mas

I talked with Chris Isenberg of No Mas about all things sports, legal, conceptual and Rickster. Check the interview (actually I talked too much, so it's really a conversation. My bad.) out on the main page.

And as usual, things get crazy native at the Baltimore Breastmilk Convention tonight. Wahoo indeed.

Ron Leighton

Yo, isn't that the chick from the video? Sorry kids, over your head. Anyway, Stussy's redone their .com, check it out, especially the critical ad archives. Yo nigga it's Barr!


Between me trolling dollar bins on 10th and 3rd street and Karl Hungus picking up all those Japanese blackface-funk LPs, this Tensday just might set the night on fire. Plus there's a vaudeville show downstairs; you know, the usual.
  • Tab-Dog's on point with the snappy snaps; it's all true, plus I appreciate the frankness when it comes to swamp ass, knameen?
  • I can't think of anyone lil'er or Lewd-er. I do like Pink Floyd though...
  • Math-Head's on The Doombox as we speak. Or splack, in certain cases.
  • I got that Environ heat for tonight, btw. Dublee too- so tripmode it's scary.
  • Vanguard; good mood.


Hmmm, interesting. Via Huge magazine.


Live Peyote for Breakfast

Bryn Freeman

I got vic-ed up and played a Sunday trip fest at MICA ...

Peyote Cereal, Side 1 (44:42)
Peyote Cereal, Side 2 (42:07)


Dead Heady

I can't take credit for "no hits, no filler," that's all KS, but it pretty much sums it up (well that and Patron to the dome), unless of course you've been listening to a lot of, you know, Kurt Hauenstein and Tony Williams or whatevs. Talk about A Banana Split in New York...

  • SUPER cruc'ed out Alexander Robotnik mix @ Pig Radio. Remember the club scene from European Vacation... yeah, like that.

  • Melodies and Memories.

  • Lowrider Spring line, plus Marbo-San mega mixes equals the shit.

  • Anyone else noticing how mad 80s radio rock nights are popping up all over? Enter Talc.

  • What; no Grace Jones?

  • Quality shop talk with the King Stampede crew. Who knew they liked The Dead so much? Ok, well I kind of guessed but...

  • Zappos > Zapatistas.

  • Sundried tomatoes, yo.

  • Not to be all "zany internet-ster" but I though YouTube was only good for watching videos; apparently not, as this and exist on that higher plane of YouTube which I've only now come to appreciate and share.



Universal Dress Rehearsal (60:20)