Thursday, January 05, 2006

Avant Fun


Ideally, ASF readers are fully on top of their accessory game. And while the above bad boys are well beyond your means, like most SVSV productions, they're still nice to sweat. If, in fact, you can spring for one, then you already know who holler at; that's right, our boy up top, Mr Boardroom hisself- David Gensler. I caught up with D to the G as he shifted gears from corporate suite mode to super chill hoodie mode, check it out on the main page. Marketing nerds beware; this interview will expand your branding consciousness exponentially, so go get an adderall.

  • Boundless NY is wrecking serious shop; cool clothes and good records are the mobius strip of our existence as 20 somethings. Oh yeah, sorry I ordered all the Rockers NYC gear.
  • I secretly still keep up on Nike releases even though Nike's way way out. Well, at least I thought I did, cuz what the fuck are these? They're kind of like a good JD Sports release from a year and a half ago. Have you ever been in a JD, though? Man, it's like barely a half step up from Shoe City, it's awesome. Chavathon.
  • No one you've ever heard of always makes the best shirts, it's a streetwear industry secret.
  • James Jarvis does Heroin. Live From Antarctica finally came out too, that shit is wildly on point if you're into avant-skate fun.