Devon and On and On

Run some maximum scope-itude on party pix from Friday night. Thanks to the Taxidermy Lodge crew for the hospitality, and to me for disco infiltrating.

  • Hey I'm in Spin (kinda); BBC and Taxlo both made it into their Top 101 Best Nights Out for July. Also, AFI have another album out; did these guys ever to a Mango skit on SNL? Also; who the fuck are they? Whatever their lead singer chick has a smokin' bod.
  • Check XLR8R yet? There's a Mishka & A Silent Flute summer preview in there for the die-hard heads... Mishka fun-fact: Mikhail has no idea who Darude is.
  • Borat , if you haven't seen it by now...
  • Tripfest of the Day: Spirit.


Dancing In The Key of Drunk

From the nipple to the bottle to Sonar... I'll be soul controlling Tax Lo this Friday night. Just got some that may be for y'all, AKA not ready for prime time AKA not New Order, but whatever, everyone's so wasted at Sonar, it's like I could play and no on would notice... thanks ! Whoops, I meant Sparks.


Rural Exceleration

Don't let the blogger template fool you, Rural Tailor is no joke for those looking for something a bit deeper than a pair of Nikes posted by a retarded 13 year old child. Extreme co siggy. Transcend your template, son; that's what Ghandi said.

  • Oh yeah, so I'm in the new XLR8R on stands now, running my mouth as usual.
  • Sandanista, Summer '06. Not many pieces, but who's counting? pretty on point.
  • Much like the rest of the country, I totally forgot about Stern ever since he went to broadcast in a spaceship or whatever he was on about. Do they deepthroat in space?
  • Hey let's play fall fashion trend forecaster; ok hey, I just pulled these out of a hat. I've got graphs to back it up, I swear.
  • Older and deep Marbo mix.
  • The Mishka-men are back from Tokyo, with pics. Wow, how'd Greg end up in weirdo toy shops? That is weird...
  • If you can't eat it or fuck it- tear it up.


Post Of 1,000 Cocks

Cottontail, one night only... Be forewarned; I'm slotted for Taxlo next Friday, so cancel your dinner date at Hardee's or whatever it takes cuz I got a Monster Thickburger for you.

  • Seba and Paradox are slicing and dicing in XLR8R
  • Check out my by line in the new Complex, if you really sweat my balls. Insider info: Nick Cannon actually does suck. JK, I loved him in Drumline, for real.
  • House 33's Barnzley Chronicles have been entirely on point... Look for brah man's Special Needs line coming this... fall? PS- bet you can't find his Myspace...
  • No cartoon cock, but there's some seriously splackable hammage going on in Baltimore; new Supercult spread. Mommy.
  • , Check out the 1:28 marker...
  • Whatever happened to... Steel Pole Bath Tub?
  • and some parting cock...

Oh yeah and here's the flyer from Weds night, I only post it after the fact due to trippyness...


What's Virtual Reality Good?

In the cannon of tripped out white guy mags, Omni fucked with the best. In a natural new age extension, Omni created the Virtual Reality series, cuz, you know, if you're going to get stoned and read an article about cyberpunks and/or prehistoric frogmen, you'd need an appropriate soundtrack. Released in 1995, as the mag wound up it's print era, Virtual Reality features some of the best Neuromanced tracks from adult ambient superstars like Jan Hammer (see top right), Tangerine Dream (in, like everyone else, early '90s poor form) and, you know, Mars Lasar. The missing link between the ambient soundtrack five star Blade Runner OST and the work of balearic beastmaster Andreas Vollenweider.

John Serrie - Outreach

Mars Lasar - Corroboree

Patrick O'Hearn - Fire Ritual

Steve Kindler - The Elephant's Child

Bonus Beats:
Patrick O'Hearn - Journey To Yoroba (Laney Stewart Remix), from O'Hearn's most non-plussed remix album Mix Up. This dude played with Zappa, so it's ok if you like his stuff.

Andreas Vollenweider - Dancing With the Lion

  • See also (sorta); (via Lowrider)
  • Did you know you can get Dope, Guns & Fucking In the Streets on DVD?
  • TC- you can't escape from his bass. No really, you can't- it's mad pervasive, son.
  • Suppose he figures in somewhere towards the end of this...