Warped Minds Sundays

First Warped Minds this Sunday, sponsored by Warp Magazine and SHQ. My Pal the Crook on the decks early, me late. The ladies of SHQ are pouring it up, and they've got iron fists if you know what I'm saying...


Pullin' Tubes

Technology rules.

Weather Report avec "Le Jaco," in the year of 1977. Too much bass in the place.

Thin air and solid state electronics 4 LIFE.

Crazy acceptable laser battle...

Unabolished slavery

Feast Of San Bloggaro

Wayne Barlowe
  • The W in WTF actually stands for W0rkf0rce
  • Let's Skid the Night Together, by Daisuke Noda & Yukihiro Nishiwaki. Check for the Shop Gentei SKID AND DESTROY tees at the end.
  • Neckface's The Night After Halloween
  • Fearless Vampire Killers music blog
  • Hello Minor parties with Futura... checked out the FLOM SPLOG yet?

Colette My People Be Free

Colette threw "une rager" last night. Big up to Samir for rocking the mic for all the fashion week types dressed like extras from either Blade Runner or Bachelor Party...
  • Baltimore bikes on CNM; word to Crappy Andy!
  • Since it's fashion week, here's something fun for the ladies; Sessun. It's cute Frenchy type stuff, knameen?
  • Yotrythis!
  • Rub n Tug Fabric mix features "Shemale," echoed out thud beats. On an unrelated/related note; whatever happened to progressive house? Doesn't anyone want effects anymore?