Vision Of Doom

Catch me misnomer-ing the shit out of Mishka's Doombox, with a mildly-balearic vibes session. Smokey, if I do say so myself.... no doom in sight, everything's alright...


Frankly, Folks...

Mickey Duzyj

... No Mas put together one hell of an issue for Frank. As guest curator, Chris Isenberg was able put together what's basically No Mas the magazine, which is x-amounts of dope, especially in a somewhat shitty 2006 magazine scene (who else besides Frank, Wax Poetics & maybe Vice is really carrying the Grand Royal torch, you know?). While mad magazines are all sorts of tied in on the corporate tip, Franks got that realness thing going for it- multiply that times No Mas's unique take on the sporting life, and you've got this dope-shit issue to peruse. Beyond the issue's thorough sports theme though, there's also a crazed contributors list that'll kinda give you wood. Let the games begin with some ASF exclusive previews...

Ellen Stagg & Jonathan Cammisa

Soner On

James Blagden

James Blagden

Frank and No Mas can be found wherever real shit goes down.


Slumber Party

I'll be chilling at King Size tomorrow night, but just so Ray can snap a picture of me in total look Tommy Hillfiger. Pass the blunt, on the real tho'.

  • Back before these days of dork controlled hyper blogs, people used to dig around and trade notes on Japanese brands, and right around that time Devilock was getting a bit bigger in Tokyo, or maybe more on the tail end of an expansion, depending on who you ask. However, now that all these American brands are flooding the net with fun stuff, the aforementioned dorks stopped paying attention to the few spots online that kept up with Devilock and other brands on that level, soyou don't see it around as much unless you're getting your Tokyo connect on. It's probably a good thing, as Devilock is kinda killing it on their own terms. Case and point. So as you can see, it's not really Supreme-ish or Bape-ish, it's just Devilock, and you're sleeping on it.
  • Not even knowing it, you are sleeping on Community pretty toughly too... damn, now that I think about it, it's like a streetwear slumber party all across the blogosphere...
  • Hanzibar; for when you want to see what that JP porn you're looking at is all about.


We're The Juggernauts Bitch

Last week we played upstairs, while The Subhumans played downstairs. Interesting scene (oh shit, I forgot to updated the megablast for the week!), to say the least. First time I ever got a request for Megadeth while playing Grace Jones ("J-A!"), definitely. Later on, the guys from The Subhuman's were digging the "Police & thieves" lick, so it was straight. Tonight, AVAIL's on the bill, and I can say for sure I have no idea what they sound like. That's like some Bobby Hundreds scenario right there right? Hmmm... I'm still going to stick with the Manzanera, regardless.

  • One thing I'm really digging right now is the fact that Phenomenon is all up in Union, and ruling, but nobody knows it. It's like BBC for actual human beings. On the real though, cats down here in Baltimore are even tired of that BBC shit, and that's saying alot if you know what I'm saying.
  • Yo, I totally got street snapped on Monday; I put my favorite brand as Craven Morehead, cuz, you know he's got the ill pullovers, right?
  • "I'll beat your ass with Charles!"
  • How come they spelt my name wrong in "Untitled"? There's no "P" in it- I'm dehydrated!
  • Hats off to Neighborhood on this one. Oh yeah, get some Kumba, that shit is smelling right! Way better than my Swagger air fresheners. Not really though.


Back To Calee

Ollie Magazine

Ollie Magazine

Ollie Magazine

Ollie Magazine

Ollie Magazine

Ollie Magazine

Check out some scans from the latest Ollie issue, of a relatively new (to you) Tokyo line, Calee. Created by our homeboy Hiro (who's graced these pages before, lucky dude) back in '04, Calee, if you didn't catch it, is all about Cali vibes, on some old school 60s and 70s sunshine state steez; we're talking muscle cars, chicano style, Route 66, drag racing, and car repair with a dash of Locals Only attitude. Like any good brand, Calee's only available in the states at Gentei, who're in the works of completing their online retail, so look for that, as well as, most likely, a conversation with Hiro here on ASF. Scope the Calee vibe in stereo till next time...

War "Lowrider"
Outlaw Blues Band "Deep Gully"
Ronnie Hudson "West Coast Pop Lock"
The Greatful Dead "Black Peter"
Tom Scott & The LA Express "Spindrift"


Champion Sound

Come through The Ottobar tonight for a Gentei crew critical DJ jam sesh. Yeah, Teen Titans, what... ?

Lacrate has deep love for the sk8 high, don't sleep!

Heard The Doombox yet? It's fairly crucial. Although you probably know them from their Nike Dunk (still WTF-ing over that one) since you're a dork, I know I heard some Melvins in the mix for you to 'ear.

Ok, so Bmore tonight, then cruise up to NYC for Mighty & crew's party on Friday, and you're straight... Scope the Mighty spring line yet, btw? Heated jams.


The Power

Yo, this mix is really, trilly the shit; and it's not even a cosmic smoke jams lick! Find out why snap has the power in...

Dappa Snappas!