Feast your shits on the new for Spring, Springtime-funcolor, party starter collabo betwixt Baltimore's Shop Gentei and Baltimore/Brooklyn's David Sharif, available exclusively at Gentei. I don't know if you're into cars, but, ok... So there was the Ferrari, and then along came the NSX, the Delorean and the 8 Series to try and "serve" the Ferrari, but... well, shit just didn't work out, needless to say. When was the last time you saw a Delorean, McFly? You probably dig that one, but straight up the realness is the 8 Series, duhzilla.
  • Fuhren ein !
  • Couche-Tard tripfest from the boys in bass. Joking aside, it's actually pretty rad, there's like a 15 minute oldies megamix at the end.
  • I've got a bit in The Fader on Curls hoodies... this cat makes all these tablecloth meta-hoodies look like some Adam Sandler shit. Dip dip dip. Oh yeah, why is this the best album cover ever?
  • Cherry blossoms in Yoyogi Park.
  • It's Cho Time, art-fags.
  • Hello Minor preview... highly irreverent. You know I like Doraemon, but get some ears, fag.



Silent No More

No, I am not playing Bmore club or DnB. I'll be playing some of that trip-mode shit that you don't know nan about, doye.

China Crisis "African & White"
Crown Heights Affair "Far Out"
Supermax "Love Machine"
Yarbrough & Peoples "Don't Stop the Music"

Also, I'd like to take a minute to formally diss the NYC chapter Busy Works Shop. One- you are dusty as hell; if you're going to have the audience of 106 & Park waddle through your shop on a daily basis you could at least have Milo run through that bitch with a mop a couple times, right? Two- who picks your music, Funkmaster Flex? Be more mundane, I dare you. Plus that iPod connecting and disconnecting sound was a really nice touch, it really put me in touch with Nigo's creative vision, or whatever. And three- Where'd you get your employees, the times square Friday's? I like how you're an intercontinental lifestyle brand with chapters across the globe, but your employees are straight out of IHOP with syrup stains from around the world gracing the lapels of their hoodies. Ladies and gentlemen... the cast of Muppet Babies! But seriously, folks... keep your counters clean.


Party Pixxx

Gentei party was extremely official, as you can see. Me, Chris Devlin, -->Shawn Caesar --> & The Brown Brothers basically blazed it down, plus the shop is wild acceptable in it's remodeling, natch. Thanks to all the party animals for coming through. Pics by myself and Carleton Hall. It was kind of Shortypalooza off in that bitch, can you tell?

  • Oh yeah, so meet The Brown Brothers... check their site now for a '91 Frank Ski mix, and then check back for their own mixes in due time. Frank Ski in '91 was pretty much setting off a lot of what would come in Bmore as far as club and alladat, so... do the mathematicals, son- download that joint.
  • Diddy Wah is extremely decent these days; rock and scroll, bitch!
  • What, exactly, do you know about SPX, son dun? An oldie but a goodie.
  • An interview with our man in Pakistan, JK5.


Ryders Anthyms

Today's a big day for Shop Gentei here in Bmore; all new coat of paint (an understatement) plus a majyr ryder ragyr tonight at Red Maple. If you're in town or in the area, just email and you'll be on the list, which is the only way to get in, 'cuz we just major like that, doye. I'll be spinning early, so check me out. The Spring/Summer theme for the shop is cycling, so check the shop out for crucial track bike gear and parts in addition to the usual lineup of rad streetwear jump offs. I scoped some of the AG stuff, and it's pretty mega, the rest is dope too. New lines include Mishka, Rockers NYC, 4916 and a few others in addition to all the far out Japanese import stuff. Expect mad shop and party pixxx on weds. Peace, love and updates.

Bryan Ferry - "Don't Stop the Dance"
Level 42 - "Something About You (remix)"
Ronnie Laws - "Always There"



Perhaps the G-est of OGs, SSUR's been getting it on for years now. Way before this new era of everyone and their college roommate creating a weak ass pseudo-novelty t shirt line and calling it "streetwear" SSUR helped spark this concept that everyone's now trying to fit themselves into, because, you know, "they really like sneakers," or whatever. Okay, I'm getting salty again, but if you really follow this shit then you'll recognize the realness that SSUR puts into his gear on a regular basis. Thank the streetwear Gods, 'cuz A Silent Flute got their mitts on a preview of pieces from SSUR's S/S 2006 collection, which you can view on the main page. These items are Japan exclusives, but will be available at SSUR*Plus on Spring Street.

  • Check out my homeboys from Australia, The Mother Fucking Death Set, in a mother fucking City Paper article. These guys are on some serious fuck-you-art-punk-whatever shit, so get familiarized with them and Rabbit Foot Records.
  • French house/tech/party/trippy producer I:Cube did a hip-house/tech/party/trippy track with none-of-the-above-except-maybe-party producer/rapper the RZA back in 2003. It's back in 2006.
  • Lowrider's updated with some Spring gear, Balearic titties, and a new Rub n Tug remix... scope.
  • Boobs are now .
  • Seen yet?


Dirty Livin'

What's that, like, a thousand ragers in a row for the BBC? I know A Silent Flute is sorta in bed with the BBC (full disclosure: I'm sorta in bed with everybody), but shit... there were mad people having sex on the dance floor. Is it really true that there's an east coast party bus rolling down for the YoYoYoYoYoYo release jump off next month? Developing...

Kiss "Dirty Livin'"
Shut Up and Dance "Lamborghini"
Status IV "You Ain't Really Down"

  • Marc on sale @ Blue Fly
  • Wowch on sale @ Revolve


King Stampede Hearts Marijuana

I mean, I'm just assuming, but, you know... hey look a spring preview! For the full experience, check out Heady Workables this evening, and put down the 29th in your calendars, as I'll be heading up to King Size to get all intersideral and so on and so forth.


A Silent Flute Mix

Universal Dress Rehearsal (60:20)



Bone Home

I'd like to take a minute to talk about something near and dear to my heart; ET sucking cock. Maybe I'm playing stoner-boner connect the cerebral dots here, but I think the fact that not only did someone think an ET period porno was a great idea, but that they also had big enough balls to realize it kind of illustrates how boring and safe American streetwear at large is; where is the jaw dropping creativity a la seeing a switched gender cosmic pop cultural icon take it in the hole? If someone has the creative vision to execute an ET porno, you'd think that it'd be a walk in the park to do a shirt with even half the impact, right? But no, we get served up steamy dumps of long past relevant hip-hop references (Wu Tang is the new Grateful Dead), the concept of sneaker culture (a shadow of it's former self, and at this point not dissimilar from the '90s Pog scene), and more matchy matchy than The Source awards. You guys and your sneakers suck, I'm moving to Japan where I can watch ET porno in an all over butthole print t shirt, jean shorts, leggings and Birks, while I eat heroin needle shaped candy and listen to a 2 CD compilation of GG Allin cover bands.

  • Speaking of Birks, if our boys at Hypebeast are so "up" on quality footwear like Visvim and shit that's big in Tokyo mags, how come we never see any new Birks on there? Stop faking the funk and throw up some Zurichs dudes, you gotta get that "audience base" locked down.
  • from Joylon, the Balearic Myspace King. Shit, I got sand in my keyboard.
  • Wowch in '06: party animals 4 evz. That's what I'm fucking talking about. Some real far out shit...