Crack Sabbath

Check out this crucial gallery of Black Sabbath cover art.

Hey if you aren't a complete schlub or blondie you should be able to do pretty well on this. It's a blank map of the States, you fill in the blanks with 50 tiles. Why 50?! Everyone knows a 50 peice puzzle is maaad easy, son. Dumb Asses!

This Brittish Political dude is mad doggie at the loser Peter Doherty from The Libertines or Crappyshambles. I think that if kids saw a picture of the mother fucker than they might come to a different conclusion about drug use. Also, it's not dudes fault that some crap magazine/photographer/writer wants to do they thing about him. I mean come on, let the guy shoot heroin into his earlobes in peace.

If this guy is so fucked on drugs his tunes must be mega dope, i will have to check that shit out.

Also to kids of the world, take my personal advice, you will never be able to make anything nearly as dope as the Blade Runner OS if your spending all day trying to score some juicy crack rocks, so stay off that shit and start scoring something real. Increase da peace.



New Basement Jaxx single is out(been out?, will be on CD). Very party, definitely for the ladies. Basement Jaxx can do cheesy pop with just enough je ne sais qua (details?) to make it have some staying power and well calculated funk. Remix support from Bugz is wicked too.

The Jaxx have pretty much stuck with their original mission statement, even gone a bit more pop and a little less mongoloid/insular house scene, don't you think? Compare that to Daft Punk, who are about to release a new album, taking their sound in a more than slightly different direction. The new Daft owes a lot to Bangalter it would seem, the grimey/distorted sound he used for the Irreversible OS shows up in a major way.

And forget about Armand Van Helden, although "My My My" is a good jam, he really smokes too much weed.

And then we got Aphex Twin. Jesus dood, I guess 2005 was always destined to be a warp zone to 1997. Check out the Twin's Analord Series, releasing for the next half a year or so. Pitchdork manages to talk all kinds of trash. Maybe they just don't get the fact that if acid hadn't swept the UK, they would still be listening to Cosmic Raindance by Cybotron. Would you complain if Eno went back to basics? no, u would cream your jeans.

And any way Analord is really close to Anal Lord, and I imagine that Pitchfork would definitely give that a 6.

More info on those Delta Forces from yesterday.


The Dipper

Whichever tricks said that Baltimore ain't got no culture need to get learnt! Looks like i will be spending this saturday night celebrating Back Dat Ash up's birthday jumpoff with my soon to be homie Gravedigger. This will be a MONSTER JAM such that even Rare Essence ain't a contender.

Wait, am i really going to a monster truck rally?

Hell yeah doggie.

As for the aforementioned RE, check that link, cuz. New website should drop anyday now. Peices of Me is aight, but i'll take The Dipper for $500, Alex. TMOTTGOGO.

Couple Fabric CD's on the radar, DJ Heather Fabric 21 on the way, Joe Ransom FabricLive 20 just dropped this month. On the real i am far more exiced about hearing DJ Heather than i am about having heard Joe Ransom's, however hearing M.I.A. and Dizzee in the mix cannot be denied, and the quick mixes Ransom uses makes for a nice party vibe, so i'm not saying its propah rubbage eefah.

What's really good with these Delta Forces? Hebrew National, son.



  • Massive Techno Burner! TIP! Thomas Schumacher- Tainted Schall. A dope little mash-up of Tainted Love and a tune by T.S., New 4 2005, coming highly recommended by a Brazilian dude with a penchant for TYPING IN ALL CAPS who messaged me on Soulseek. I didn't even realize I had downloaded it, thankfully he reminded me..."PLEASE TO LET ME DOWNLOAD YOUR TAINTED LOVE!!!!"

  • Props to C-Dubs for the linkage today, check out his links to a couple screwed tunes. Heady.
  • Finally got my copy of Conquest in the mail... can't wait to fire it up. Follow the link to watch the trailer and read-on. Ridiculous right? Blue Underground has the game in a Perfect-Plex.

Just got called off on a sushi lunch mission, see you in 18 hours, private.


New logo up top.
  • Did i ever mention that rapper-like robot from the 24th century of the future The Game looks like a hell of alot like cat-like robot from the 24th century of the future Doraemon?

  • I never wanted to beleive the hype of Brits having bad teeth, but holey moley, that is some serious shit.
  • Matrix and DJ Lee were dope on saturday, big up da rewind on "X Ray". DJ Lee hit up some serious edit and filter drum tunes, very hot, truly Metalheadz.
  • If you like, go download the sets off of Rinse FM under tha audio link. Rammed with mega loads of the british MC speak that we all love so much. [BGHD].


The heat might smother you

Posting on Saturday... i know, weak, right?

  • Big up da jungle massive tonight- Matrix & Dj Lee at Sonar. ALL CRU!
  • Ningyoushi carries Kostas T-Shirts.
  • Im at work, and some fucking dude just said"excuse moi" and "cheerio" to me. Not cool dude. Let me remind you that i work at the mall downtown in Baltimore, not on the fucking EuroStar.
  • If you are into denim then check out the superfuture supershopper forum. There is this cat RingRing who is like The Oracle of denim. Sift through the denim posts and you will pick up some street knowledge. Ignore any posts about Supreme, Stussy, SBs, and all that stuff that i know makes everyone want to vomit.
  • Check out this fine peice by BAST, at Transplant Gallery , 525 West 29th St. 2nd fl. New York NY 10001, because i can't. you like it don't you? (Wooster).
  • Stussy has redid their online store, about 16 times better than before, plus they got a couple super dope limited jumps...


What i see is what you getTM

Right now i should really be studying for my finance jump off on monday, but i found a couple joints for posting. Tomorrow soon i will get the joint financed formatted , so until then what i see is what you get. Thats not like a corny phrase i will be using all the time, trust me, that would be so annoying. I keed, i keed.
  • check out a hot Katsuya Terada Gallery.
  • New to me, Baden Baden has shown their hand. The stuff is dope, with exception though; the R. Kelly shirt is exceedingly whack. Other than that, heated.
  • David Cross spotted on the DQM website. What was the spread on that? plus a dog gets DRUNK!!! WHEEE!!!
  • Thats the news folks, and i am outta here. Hopefully not another night at Da Brewaz Fart.