Zamboula is a new night between me and King Pete, man about town and creative director for King Stampede. The party starts this Wednesday at King Size. Preview the vibes...



Novamen, Manhunter, DJ Overdose and Ron Morelli kick off their nationwide tour, tonight at the Tribeca Grand.

Here's Morelli on the tour:

"We're doing it up punk rock style; jamming the van
full of gear and merch, trying to hit as many places
possible in a short amount of time, and shredding
everything in sight."

Yo, it's MTV News for disco dorks...
  • Severed Heads Booklet 2.1
  • Hit the Bodagan for plantains


Article Jam

Side B...

Article Jam featuring Jahmalski
Article Jam (Article Jazz mix)


Vibe Holds Jah Tribe

I dug up this old I.S.T promo at The Thing. Here's what Barnzley had to say about the tune...

"I was at the studio when this was recorded. It was recorded in London; Shawn Stussy was there, as was Hiroshi and Mike K. It was recorded by Alex Turnbull and his bro Johhny. At the time, they had a record label called Ronin Records... formerly known as 23 Skidoo."

Classic shit it is then. B side tomorrow...

"Vibe Holds Jah Tribe" featuring Force & K-Z
"House Holds Jah Tribe" (Inst)


A Thriller


Get Your Life

While the ASF jams have been leaning towards the weirdo/space jam side of the fence, I'm still a Baltimore dude at heart. Pick up this months Wax Poetics for my history of Baltimore Club in 2,650 words or less. This story was about a year in the making, so thanks to everyone who was involved in the happening. The Azymuth article also featured in this issue definitely makes it a well rounded issue. A must have for a whole spectrum of nerds.
  • Fujiwara and Kopelman on the mix. Easily missed between the dirty white boy jeans and mandatory smoke breaks of APC headquarters.
  • Hey look! A non-suck streetwear blog! Tons of ill shit.
  • Vacanze; the cover says it all. Get wet.


Magic Pizza

This week the party continues at 155 Rivington (across from Alife), only this time our proud sponsors are the cats at Fa Bene Pizza (aka Clinton Street Pizza), who by the way have 0 health code violations, and will be providing the blaze worthy snackage for as long as it lasts. In addition, I'll be playing records all night, SHQ will be pouring drinks.... and as a special guest, we will present the mystical and masterful Greg The Great doing magic tricks all night.

Magical Cosmic Pizza. Come through, aight?


Lovers Rock

Brought to you by Thought Cooperative, 222gallery, WTHN (Mason is DJing) and Tokion.