Downtown Dreads

Rockers NYC

Rockers NYC is big bad and heavy, no doubt... but why? I mean, how does one get to rip shit up consistently?

Rockers NYC Feature
  • Check me out writing for The Fader in the new ish, it's the Undefeated joint. Also, I had a couple joints in the new Complex, in case you missed it. Lowrider put me on blast last week too, just because I'm cool like that or whatevs. This weekend I got copies of some Supermax records on eBay, not to mention a jumbo green top, so all in all, I'm pretty much on fire right now.
  • Golden Era Jungle, running tings. If anyone has Grooverider live sets circa '99, hit me up.
  • Straight up, everything is on sale downtown NYC, so hurry up before the spring shit gets out there.


Sarcastic Comments

Ever have so much fun you forget to up your blog? Yeah, ditto.

Harvey played Deep Space Monday night at Cielo; you know, the disco womb over in the meat packing district. Epic as usual, Harvey pretty much blazed it down, well, as much as you can blaze down in the context of Deep Space... but it was mega. Naturally we had to rock the Lowrider Supermax shirts. What up Marbo- Harvey says send him one.

Frank Zappa "Muffin Man"
John Tropea "Livin' in the Jungle"
Bryan Ferry "You Go to My Head"
Double "Woman of the World"


Who The Fuck You Trying To Get Touched By?

Real speedily, the whole of the Warriors Retail Mafia line is ready for maximum copitude at the Rockstar Warehouse.

In other news, I'll be DJing at the Ottobar next Wednesday, so check me out... and you gotta go to this metal show on Saturday or you have no rights buying Warriors gear, cuz you're weaker than Jay-Z. That's right; I'm siding with Cam'ron on this one.

Drugs of Faith




My Valentines

"Dis one go out to all my girls, hispecially da naked ones posing wit' da cock!"

Dana DeArmond
Avy Lee
Joanna Angel
Flower Tucci
Nikki Nova
Carmen Luvana
Alex Devine
Kami Andrews


Major Rajor

Apparently, Baltimore was ground zero for some sort of party/awesomeness Jihad, all of which climaxed in a snow hurricane cum shot. In case you didn't see the post on Hypebeast, friends and boobs are the new Dunks, so start collecting...

Roxy and Chris Devlin, funny face world tour.

Amanda Blank and Lacrate; Two Hype Whiteys and a Sparks.

Blank and Low Bee; a rapper and a snapper. Got some Low Budget speak coming, scope it.

You know, afterparty, whatever...

Saturday was a shot with Ollie Mag and Gentei... "HAY!"

Young, Restless

On internet blast, sonny.

Hiro from Calee

Rappin' Ron and the BBC Crew

Mother Fucking Death Set, catch the boys on tour

Spankrock, uh-duhh.

Snorgasmic, son son.



"I got out of it because once I got to the third Jeff Lorber album I thought, I've had enough of all this. I think it was half the reason why punk happened. I don't think punk happened because rock was shit. I think it started because jazz-funk was shit. Seriously. A lot of people who were involved in punk were old soul boys and I think they were a reaction to how bland it had become. I wanted something different and so did they. Jazz funk died and thank god to tell you the truth. The bastard son of it was probably Kenny G. Thank god that scene did die, because it was headed that way."

-Ashley Beedle on UK jazz funk and punk rock, an excerpt from The Soul Stylists.

Rolling Stones "Rain Fall Down (Ashley Beedle's Heavy Disco Radio Re-Edit)"
Patti Jo "Make Me Believe In You (Ashley Beedle-Phil Asher Black Science Orchestra Re-edit)"
Booty Bouncers "Fame and Money (Ashley Beedle Vocal Mix)"
Bent "Magic Love (Ashley Beedle´s Black Magic Vocal)"
Curtis Mayfield "Do Do Wap Is Strong In Here (Ashley Beedle Re-edit)"

It's a driller killer at Kingsize...


Big Up The Youths

Sean and Marcus flowed me some scans of a dapper Sean a Paul rocking Rockers on his Trace cover. Let's get high to celebrate, what'd you say? Look for a little featurette on Rockers here in the next couple weeks. Oh yeah, anybody know the models name here? She could definitely get permanent lover status.

Delroy Wilson - "Rascal Man"
Gregory Issacs - "Permanent Lover"
Black Uhuru - "Puff She Puff"
Aswad - "Back to Africa"

Check out King Size tonight.