Just Thoughts

Just Thoughts (65:41)

Gone till September.



Weird Fun

Take the train to Brooklyn for a mind expanding weirdosesh, tonight at The Wreck Room (940 Flushing, BK).

by train take the L or the J and M trains. Take the L train to Morgan Ave.
walk out the right side exit and go straight on Morgan to Flushing Ave.
Turn right and walk down a block and a half, it'll be on your left side,
look for the neon beer signs. Or take the J/M train to Flushing Ave. exit
the oposite side of Woodhall Medical Center and walk down Flushing Ave. 3
blocks and it will be on your right side.


Saturday Massacre

Ollie Mag

Psycho Saturday murder massacre from Ollie Mag, via RTHQ.


Tokyo Skidding

Ollie Mag

Ollie Mag

Scope the skidmasters of disaster, BKA Shop Gentei's fixed gear team, in Ollie Mag. Just so you know, Andrew's nickname is Crappy Andy, and Eddie's name isn't actually Eddie, it's just a nickname from when he worked at Taco Bell. Chrome Bags, son!


Dawn of the Dirty Dead

Party time in Lit's dungeon of drinks, tonight.


Heady Kruger

Last chance to party with the posse at Kingsize, as King Pete and myself will be smoking out the joint with some cosmic-heatwave megablasts.
  • Still need a Cookie Puss fix? Drooghi's got 'em.
  • Neighborhood Special Edition; as in boobs.
  • In a similar American motorheard vein; Stroker Power. Classic American cycling goods are the next level of cool-dude material.


Hot Dog

Ken Kagami
  • Another summer in the city must have
  • Heads up- Major Taylor hits the decks in Bmore at this weeks Wednesday night BBC jump off.
  • Today's on point sneaker style is sufficiently chill; fuck all that rooty-tooty 2006 emperor's new clothes shit.
  • i heart's website has stuff on it now. You should go to their store though; one, they have mad funny internet stuff on the wall, and two, they have nice stuff on sale, e.g. a hot pink Tsubi booty skirt for the missus or PAM stuff for yourself (you're a dude, right?).