Scan You Feel It?

Believe it or not, there's a ton of good shit in Boon besides Ape stickers. O RLY? YA RLY. Check it out... And to all the netwear swagger jackers that are going to repost the shit out of these scans... Like EPMD said, you're a customer; get off everyone who does leg work's dick aight?

Seesaw Satiate is definitely on the mellow mix n match tip, plus when you go to their site it plays this wicked techno track that I can't put my finger on (if you know it, email me). They're into vintage gear too, so between that and the techno, it's pretty much the shit.

I had to have mentioned AG on here at some point, right? They flip a grip of styles, and like any good brand, you can only get it in the states at Gentei, who by the way are going to have racks of mega shit in the next couple weeks. Stop by, we can get Ethiopian.

Japan only 574s. What'd Raekwon say in Complex about New Balance, something like? "they look like vehicles for your feet." Bet he was high, what'd you think?

presumably Japan only Chucks. Wow, that's some informative copy there.

aNYthing button down in a vintage style. Aron's way into those vintage plaids these days. Not that I hang out with the dude, but you know, he's got that glob, whatever whatever.

Again, presumably a Japan only thing, better than the states, etc, same old story.

George Cox, famous for the creeper, teams up with High Bride International, a Japanese shoe store. Sneakers aren't really that cutting edge anymore over there, so a lot of cats are way up on shit like this instead.

See? Even Stussy. John Smedley X Head Porter Plus? That's probably inexpensive...

Mackdaddy, on point as usual. They've got some Spring pics on their site, but maybe more importantly they've got a dancehall remix of Prince going in the background. Try and catch 'em on tour.

Borat on velvet and patent leather Jack Purcells; "I like! Do you like me?!"


Thus Spake Harvathustra

Red Bull Music Academy

Been trying somewhat hard to find a way to express my ball sweating of DJ Harvey, but it's been a bit rough; seems like dude is too busy surfing (no, the other surfing) and expanding minds to be bothered with a net presence. If you liked Sarcastic's aNYthing collaboration, favor the Black Cock, or enjoy a disco spliff now and again, then you're sure to geek on this sitdown interview with Harvey. The Cosmic one's playing Deep Space in NY on the 20th of February, so book your flights and break out your Supermax shirt; it's epic time.

  • Word on the street is I'm NOT getting cut from "Untitled", which is cool, so look for that. Also thanks again to Futura for the steelo, It'll be in there with the copy. For all the Futura hounds out there, if you haven't scoped Martha Cooper's Hip Hop Files by now, do so, as there are some wicked back in the days of the 2k that you might have missed.
  • I'm not big into the sex wrestling scene at all, but it looks like our girl of the month Dana DeArmond got her ass handed to her. What, do we do pornstar of the month now?... Actually that's not a bad idea...
  • Did anybody/everybody see Woebot's 100 Greatest records? I cosign about 50 of those; not bad.

Autumn NYC

If you're not going to try and win Tino's killer outfit, you might as well buy a t shirt, you know? I'd really recommend going for the outfit though. Oh yeah, there are some critical DVDs in there, btw.

Check it; went Diggin' in the Creighties for the first time with a new camera... My philosophy on crate diggin' is as follows (well, at least the dumbed down blog version); basically all that old dusty 60s, 70s shit sucks (I'm allergic too, yo), and there are about a million way slept on records from the 80s that have aged to perfection; right... about... now... let you hear later, it's critical, trust.



Symptoms of a Dope Addict

James Jarvis for Herion

Wait; a skateboard company called Heroin on A Silent Flute? No way. After a few pulls on the peace pipe, Live From Antarctica somehow made it's way into the DVD, and let me tell; this bad boy is berzerk. Even the teched out Daewon Song fans in the room said "damn!" as team Heroin popped more no-complys than Bandannas on Myspace. If you're of the uptight X-Games skate mentality, this might not be your thing, but if all you wanna do is see some dudes fuck shit up in ways you've never even considered... scope it.

  • Apparently getting in the "Untitled" pub is a big deal. Just so everyone knows how big of a deal A Silent Flute is- I'm all up in that bitch with Heron, The Hundreds and a gang of other dudes as well. That is, unless I get cut... which has happened... Thanks to those cats though, and don't cut my shit, aight?
  • Also look for me being quotable in an upcoming issue of The Drama.
  • New ANP Quarterly. Where were all the "street culture" clowns on that one? Oh sorry, it's not packaged with sweat bands or Supreme stickers, my bad.
  • Logan Hicks is this cat from Bmore, saw his work at a Gallery here over the summer, and it's mad intricate, son. Check out his blogsteez to see his work in progress.
  • I was going to post the Altered States shirt, but Catchdubs did.

Nom De Guerre

Remember when I used to do those epic write ups on different brands you'd never heard of? I'll hit you with another one soon, but I've got a sinking suspicion that the only people that ever read them were the editors that are keeping me busy currently. I guess that was sort of the point though. Nom De Guerre S/S is on blast and a shade casual as usual.
  • If you get this then cool, if you don't you're either a) "not into faggy shit" or b) a swagger jacker.
  • I wish I could show you these Adidas Adicolors, but I really shouldn't. Let's just say there are some potentially rad designs coming from the campaign, and leave it at that.


Bound To Ike

Tuff Crew "Bound to Ike"

Twin Hype "Twin Hype"

Percee P "Freestyle"

3rd Bass "Brooklyn Queens"

Images courtesy of my homeboy, Werner Von Wallenrod.


Real Quick Swamped Things

With media coverage of Baltimore Club, there's been a clear trend of academic type guys from outside Bmore producing the most predictable and obviously misinformed pieces of music journalism in the world; most of these cats end up getting the game completely twisted, not to mention essentially dressing up the sentiment of "mad niggerish" in $20 dollar words. Luckily, DJ Technics is vocal about his critiques of the media coverage in his interview with himself. Unorthodox, but what would you do if people painted you as some type of cave dude with a sampler, you know?

  • Dana DeArmond is shooting with Assparade. It's funny how AVN always puts that porno piff back on your radar. NSFW, natch.
  • Sheist Bub welcomes all swagger jackers to download his Candyland mixtape.


Yo, Sup Wit Dat?


After you peep the cricket here, really make sure you scope out The Cobrasnake's flix from Vegas, AVN and all that... it's wild seeing your favorite pornstars (and Danzig, and clown porn, and Danzig posing with Max Hardcore) on your favorite hipster photo digest. Oh yeah, that's definitely a pic of Belladonna, winner of Best All Girl Feature, on some Dunk shit, for all you fetishists like that. The internets are crazy comme ca, homie. On with the "suploads...

Zen "Sunday"
Baron "At The Drive In"
Friction "Sin City"

2006 is of to a feel good start, with the young guns of wicked stupid bass going a bit vibesy. Slaying tracks, but on a different tip for these cats. "Sunday" is pure liquid groove with a nice bass tone, "At the Drive In" is sure to go big time, already shouted out by High Contrast in The Fader, and Friction goes half way; solid bass line riff, but not absolutely tearing, mixed with a soul/blues "lordy" type vocal bit and some drummy drum edits.

O T Quartet "Hold That Sucker Down (Lifelike and Kris Menance Mix)"
Lifelike and Kris Menance "Discopolis"

Lifelike and Kris Menace are doing big things with the French house sound. Their tracks are a bit more old school than a lot of the new wave of French stuff and it's farty acid bass sounds coupled with wierdo skinny kid vocals.


Avant Fun


Ideally, ASF readers are fully on top of their accessory game. And while the above bad boys are well beyond your means, like most SVSV productions, they're still nice to sweat. If, in fact, you can spring for one, then you already know who holler at; that's right, our boy up top, Mr Boardroom hisself- David Gensler. I caught up with D to the G as he shifted gears from corporate suite mode to super chill hoodie mode, check it out on the main page. Marketing nerds beware; this interview will expand your branding consciousness exponentially, so go get an adderall.

  • Boundless NY is wrecking serious shop; cool clothes and good records are the mobius strip of our existence as 20 somethings. Oh yeah, sorry I ordered all the Rockers NYC gear.
  • I secretly still keep up on Nike releases even though Nike's way way out. Well, at least I thought I did, cuz what the fuck are these? They're kind of like a good JD Sports release from a year and a half ago. Have you ever been in a JD, though? Man, it's like barely a half step up from Shoe City, it's awesome. Chavathon.
  • No one you've ever heard of always makes the best shirts, it's a streetwear industry secret.
  • James Jarvis does Heroin. Live From Antarctica finally came out too, that shit is wildly on point if you're into avant-skate fun.


Shit Heads

Sons of Tarantula

Anal Cunt are pussies. When it comes to pseudo conceptual gross out Grindcore, ACs always been the goto band- but really, are they as good/bad as it gets? I mean, they're funny and they can play but... well, did Anal Cunt ever shoot up a six year old? Have they ever shot junk into their weenie while their faces were covered in some potent caviar business? Has any Grindcore band, for that matter, sucked each other off? I hope so, but somehow, I doubt it too. In a bit of digi-archaeology, I dug up Germany's golden (also, brown) boys, Sons of Tarantula. Seriously, check this shit out, it's on some "I Won the Internet" shit. Oh yeah there's actual music too, including my favorites; a tribute to Elvis, "Gay Hound", a tasteful rendition of dead guy John Lennon's "Let it Be" and the terse yet poignant "Scheisse", among others which you can hear on The Sons site. Germany- U GO GURL!

"Schwulerhund"(Gay Hound)
"Lasses" (Let It Be)
"Scheisse" (Who Ate Up The Shit)
"Scheisseschalkeficken" (I have no idea, but it's awesome)

Oh yeah, that AC link goes to porn, if someone thought anal cunt was a good name for a porno site, then good for them. Oh yeah squared, sorry for not posting for so long, I was hanging out, my bad.