Thursday, January 26, 2006

Scan You Feel It?

Believe it or not, there's a ton of good shit in Boon besides Ape stickers. O RLY? YA RLY. Check it out... And to all the netwear swagger jackers that are going to repost the shit out of these scans... Like EPMD said, you're a customer; get off everyone who does leg work's dick aight?

Seesaw Satiate is definitely on the mellow mix n match tip, plus when you go to their site it plays this wicked techno track that I can't put my finger on (if you know it, email me). They're into vintage gear too, so between that and the techno, it's pretty much the shit.

I had to have mentioned AG on here at some point, right? They flip a grip of styles, and like any good brand, you can only get it in the states at Gentei, who by the way are going to have racks of mega shit in the next couple weeks. Stop by, we can get Ethiopian.

Japan only 574s. What'd Raekwon say in Complex about New Balance, something like? "they look like vehicles for your feet." Bet he was high, what'd you think?

presumably Japan only Chucks. Wow, that's some informative copy there.

aNYthing button down in a vintage style. Aron's way into those vintage plaids these days. Not that I hang out with the dude, but you know, he's got that glob, whatever whatever.

Again, presumably a Japan only thing, better than the states, etc, same old story.

George Cox, famous for the creeper, teams up with High Bride International, a Japanese shoe store. Sneakers aren't really that cutting edge anymore over there, so a lot of cats are way up on shit like this instead.

See? Even Stussy. John Smedley X Head Porter Plus? That's probably inexpensive...

Mackdaddy, on point as usual. They've got some Spring pics on their site, but maybe more importantly they've got a dancehall remix of Prince going in the background. Try and catch 'em on tour.

Borat on velvet and patent leather Jack Purcells; "I like! Do you like me?!"