Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Shit Heads

Sons of Tarantula

Anal Cunt are pussies. When it comes to pseudo conceptual gross out Grindcore, ACs always been the goto band- but really, are they as good/bad as it gets? I mean, they're funny and they can play but... well, did Anal Cunt ever shoot up a six year old? Have they ever shot junk into their weenie while their faces were covered in some potent caviar business? Has any Grindcore band, for that matter, sucked each other off? I hope so, but somehow, I doubt it too. In a bit of digi-archaeology, I dug up Germany's golden (also, brown) boys, Sons of Tarantula. Seriously, check this shit out, it's on some "I Won the Internet" shit. Oh yeah there's actual music too, including my favorites; a tribute to Elvis, "Gay Hound", a tasteful rendition of dead guy John Lennon's "Let it Be" and the terse yet poignant "Scheisse", among others which you can hear on The Sons site. Germany- U GO GURL!

"Schwulerhund"(Gay Hound)
"Lasses" (Let It Be)
"Scheisse" (Who Ate Up The Shit)
"Scheisseschalkeficken" (I have no idea, but it's awesome)

Oh yeah, that AC link goes to porn, if someone thought anal cunt was a good name for a porno site, then good for them. Oh yeah squared, sorry for not posting for so long, I was hanging out, my bad.