Monday, January 23, 2006

Symptoms of a Dope Addict

James Jarvis for Herion

Wait; a skateboard company called Heroin on A Silent Flute? No way. After a few pulls on the peace pipe, Live From Antarctica somehow made it's way into the DVD, and let me tell; this bad boy is berzerk. Even the teched out Daewon Song fans in the room said "damn!" as team Heroin popped more no-complys than Bandannas on Myspace. If you're of the uptight X-Games skate mentality, this might not be your thing, but if all you wanna do is see some dudes fuck shit up in ways you've never even considered... scope it.

  • Apparently getting in the "Untitled" pub is a big deal. Just so everyone knows how big of a deal A Silent Flute is- I'm all up in that bitch with Heron, The Hundreds and a gang of other dudes as well. That is, unless I get cut... which has happened... Thanks to those cats though, and don't cut my shit, aight?
  • Also look for me being quotable in an upcoming issue of The Drama.
  • New ANP Quarterly. Where were all the "street culture" clowns on that one? Oh sorry, it's not packaged with sweat bands or Supreme stickers, my bad.
  • Logan Hicks is this cat from Bmore, saw his work at a Gallery here over the summer, and it's mad intricate, son. Check out his blogsteez to see his work in progress.
  • I was going to post the Altered States shirt, but Catchdubs did.

Nom De Guerre

Remember when I used to do those epic write ups on different brands you'd never heard of? I'll hit you with another one soon, but I've got a sinking suspicion that the only people that ever read them were the editors that are keeping me busy currently. I guess that was sort of the point though. Nom De Guerre S/S is on blast and a shade casual as usual.
  • If you get this then cool, if you don't you're either a) "not into faggy shit" or b) a swagger jacker.
  • I wish I could show you these Adidas Adicolors, but I really shouldn't. Let's just say there are some potentially rad designs coming from the campaign, and leave it at that.