Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Thus Spake Harvathustra

Red Bull Music Academy

Been trying somewhat hard to find a way to express my ball sweating of DJ Harvey, but it's been a bit rough; seems like dude is too busy surfing (no, the other surfing) and expanding minds to be bothered with a net presence. If you liked Sarcastic's aNYthing collaboration, favor the Black Cock, or enjoy a disco spliff now and again, then you're sure to geek on this sitdown interview with Harvey. The Cosmic one's playing Deep Space in NY on the 20th of February, so book your flights and break out your Supermax shirt; it's epic time.

  • Word on the street is I'm NOT getting cut from "Untitled", which is cool, so look for that. Also thanks again to Futura for the steelo, It'll be in there with the copy. For all the Futura hounds out there, if you haven't scoped Martha Cooper's Hip Hop Files by now, do so, as there are some wicked back in the days of the 2k that you might have missed.
  • I'm not big into the sex wrestling scene at all, but it looks like our girl of the month Dana DeArmond got her ass handed to her. What, do we do pornstar of the month now?... Actually that's not a bad idea...
  • Did anybody/everybody see Woebot's 100 Greatest records? I cosign about 50 of those; not bad.

Autumn NYC

If you're not going to try and win Tino's killer outfit, you might as well buy a t shirt, you know? I'd really recommend going for the outfit though. Oh yeah, there are some critical DVDs in there, btw.

Check it; went Diggin' in the Creighties for the first time with a new camera... My philosophy on crate diggin' is as follows (well, at least the dumbed down blog version); basically all that old dusty 60s, 70s shit sucks (I'm allergic too, yo), and there are about a million way slept on records from the 80s that have aged to perfection; right... about... now... let you hear later, it's critical, trust.