Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Yo, Sup Wit Dat?


After you peep the cricket here, really make sure you scope out The Cobrasnake's flix from Vegas, AVN and all that... it's wild seeing your favorite pornstars (and Danzig, and clown porn, and Danzig posing with Max Hardcore) on your favorite hipster photo digest. Oh yeah, that's definitely a pic of Belladonna, winner of Best All Girl Feature, on some Dunk shit, for all you fetishists like that. The internets are crazy comme ca, homie. On with the "suploads...

Zen "Sunday"
Baron "At The Drive In"
Friction "Sin City"

2006 is of to a feel good start, with the young guns of wicked stupid bass going a bit vibesy. Slaying tracks, but on a different tip for these cats. "Sunday" is pure liquid groove with a nice bass tone, "At the Drive In" is sure to go big time, already shouted out by High Contrast in The Fader, and Friction goes half way; solid bass line riff, but not absolutely tearing, mixed with a soul/blues "lordy" type vocal bit and some drummy drum edits.

O T Quartet "Hold That Sucker Down (Lifelike and Kris Menance Mix)"
Lifelike and Kris Menance "Discopolis"

Lifelike and Kris Menace are doing big things with the French house sound. Their tracks are a bit more old school than a lot of the new wave of French stuff and it's farty acid bass sounds coupled with wierdo skinny kid vocals.