Old School


'94 Till Infinity

I think it's funny that no street-kiddie, oh I'm sorry, high-fashion now, blogs have picked this up yet. Shows who's heading to the newsstand these days... or maybe how many people go to the Interview website. Six of one, half dozen of the other. Point being, chill little interview with James Jebbia.

And what the heck, a minute forty with Nate Lowman. Good issue.


Another Disco Revival

Logically it would follow that we'll see '70s vibes in a season or two, but Needles Fukuoka says "Eff it bro, it's on!" and cuts to the chase. Big pants, bigger collars. Polyester - cool again? is about as far into the '70s as I'll be going. And that's 1973 for the dorks. It is funny how during this whole "cosmic-disco" revival the clothes were anything but, and now that people are tired of it, here come the outfits. Where was the whole time, guys? I mean come on. Talk about time slipping into the future.

  • BBP has this wild number; an outdoor tech jacket in oxford cloth cotton. While it doesn't have a button down front (snap buttons instead), I think you could still rock it tucked in to a job interview. Maybe. Ivy League meets the JMZ after-school-let-out.
  • N.D.C. has their Alithia boot in a couple colored leather numbers. I got a pair last spring, and they are pretty caj. As in casual.
  • A comprehensive and, get this, up-to-date collection of ACE Mystery Series covers. Highlights include Frank Frazetta's cover for Edgar Rice Burroughs' The Oakdale Affair and Womanhunt by Mark Derby. Notice how rape-y the books are though, jeez.
  • Houndstooth, the men's only vintage boutique in the hipster heart of darkness (it's on Driggs, yikes), has started putting out some spring items. Grab the virgin vintage army parachute pants before they're gone. Hottest shop in town for the recession, sorry OC, but
  • Vinage plastic frames from the '50s at monologNY.


A Beach


24 Hours In Paris

Sing Blue Silver

Via The Arab Parrot
If I knew this existed in 9th grade I would have wigged out.


They Get Closer Everyday

Moti Special was a German New Wave band, formed in 1981 in Hamburg, by Danish guitar player Nils Tuxen, Romanian keyboard player Michael Cretu, bassist/vocalist Manfred "Thissy" Thiers and drummer Reinhard "Dickie" Tarrach. All of the members had previous experience as session musicians. Thiers decided on the name of the band after visiting an Indian restaurant in London, where he had the "special" (extra spicy) dish of the house. - Wikipedia


LIFE Style

"Dude, I think Demi Moore is looking at you."

The LIFE Photo Archive's been up and running for bit now. Yeah, people have been broadcasting bits of Americana and nostalgia from the mid-century cache around the web- yeah, yeah, Mad Men, Eisenhower, we get it, we get it. I got to clicking around on Hollywood type stuff and found some killers, well beyond the very en vogue tight suits and plastic frames fetish stuff. Who really knew it'd be such a treasure trove of that weird cuspy '80s/'90s style era though? Think L.A. Story. Love that flick. I mean check it out, my man Rob Lowe having a serious night out with Andrew McCarthy? Forget about it. That's like DeNiro/Pacino for airhead millennials. Check out some more pics below. I'll do more of these posts too, so much great stuff. I think I found some of that GQey stuff too, but hey, please excuse me.

So what, it's Dr. McSteamer now or something? Patrick Dempsy killing it. You ladies think he's stylin' now, in these wedding movies. The pork pie and top button are rad, but the patterns combo on the vest and outerwear is pretty inspired. Who knew?

John Lovitz isn't front of mind for style, but he actually had some moments (this one is just as good, total Ivy shit). Obviously Phil Hartman is doing the suit equivalent of The Anal Retentive Chef. Sharp. Wait, is Lovitz in separates?

Christian Slater cutting butts with the dude (well not exactly) from The Crying Game. Wild. You know it's a fashion show in L.A, because, well just look at it. Yo, is that Russel Simmons in the background? Davidson is whatever, but Slater really has 'em out in this pic. They did so many drugs that weekend. Was Slater both ways?

Similar James Dean swag coming off Furlong. This is total top of the world shit. Careers flicker, but awesome topcoats live forever. This is like a year after T2, so I can't blame the smirk.

O.K. this is that '50s fetish stuff, but the guy's hair is dope.

I'm not going to mention Scientology, but it's wild what a momma's boy Tom Cruise is. I mean just look at that dynamic. Anyway, dope hat, nice coat, interesting sweater. Good '80s tonal/textural thing going on. Mimi's stockings are on point.

Patrick Dempsey & Andrew McCarthy bonus beats. Again, '80s tonal/textural and Dempsy mixing patterns. Don't sleep on the belt. Begs the question- these guys had stylists, right? Dempsey and McCarthy are real gems in the archives, you'll see more of them. Eventually McCarthy takes a dive though. Ouch.