Arthur Brisbane & The Sphinx

Arthur Brisbane & The Sphinx (Vanity Fair, May 1933)

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Magic In The Air

Imagination were a three piece British soul and dance band, who came to prominence in the early 1980s. They had chart hits in twenty eight countries, earning four platinum discs, nine gold discs and over a dozen silver discs around the world between 1981 and 1983. - Wikipedia


Mystery Mixes

I've been "jamming to these grooves" for a while now, thought I would share, now that they're all in one compact location. Jolyon Green's is recommended if you're into '80s beats. Check out Phil Mison's on a float away day.

Mystery Mix, Volume 1-44



Fairly excited by this. We know Phoenix to have a vast repertoire of musical references ("Funky Squaredance" anyone?), so to hear them pick an albums worth of proper jams is exciting. Tracks range from Kiss to Urge Overkill. Haven't thought often of Urge Overkill lately. Why is that? Oh and on the complete nerd tip, while we're talking about Phoenix's influences, If you've ever listened to Ronnie Laws album Mr. Nice Guy, which you haven't, then you know, which you don't, that Laws' jam "Rolling" inspired Phoenix's mellow instro track "Definitive Breaks" off United. And that's one to grow on.

Generation Loss


Illegal Life

Marley Kate

It's the buddy system at Contributing Editor. When style shaker, and mover, Mister Mort grills the good guys of Peg Leg you know you've gotten nothing but the inside scoop; Bobby really likes the arcade. Who knew?


LIFE Style

As a kid, I always knew Elliott Gould was a cool dude, though I don't know how, as the only thing I'd seen him in was The Devil and Max Devlin on The Disney Channel. Despite the satanic nod, it's still a family movie - Cosby's not exactly Louis Cyphre, let's put it that way. Then I grew up, scoped out The Long Goodbye and it made sense.

Recently I had to break it to someone that, despite what my haircut says these days says, I'm not a Morrissey fan.

Remember when there was that whole thing that Gere was into gerbling? Great quote from Mike Walker on the subject- "I've never worked harder on a story in my life." Anyway, Gere had a pretty wicked LA thing going on here, would be great to party hop with the dude as long as he didn't break out the poppers. Man, when is that stuff going to break here in the US.

But Rich can do it big on the east side as well. This is what Kanye and the boys are trying to do with all the bags and designer gear, right? Kanye needs to start flossing with some paperwork, like, screenplays and proposals and all that.

All this contemporary personal grooming stuff is out of hand these days. There are so many great ways to look like you don't give a fuck. This is John working the angles in that late '80s era of long-and-drapey-wool-top-coat-ery. Air tie is a must.


Vector Dance

A Silent Flute - Vector Dance (49:22)



Waves More Waves


La Vie Devant Nous

LIFE Style

Director Darryl F. Zanuck going hard in France on the set of The Big Gamble in orange chinos, a chambray shirt and work boots. Pow, take that J. Crew stylists, you just got served. Er, somehow.

For the guy who said "At the Curie Institute, one of the highest goals for a physicist, I found myself empty. Beaten up by disbelief, I kept going because of inertia, which my soul rejected," Ernesto Sabato was a pretty stylish dude.

Novelist John Fowles holding a sea duck. Frames are great, jacket is better.

Arthur Roth styling and profiling in a top coat and patterned cardigan. He missed a button.


Musical Journey


Air Conditioned Theater

Air Conditioned Theater is a mixed score which I recorded for my buds at Fully Fitted. We used to do the parties together back in, well, Baltimore, where we were named one of the best parties in the country by SPIN. This score isn't too party though. Well in some parts it is. Starts out classical-reinterpreted, then heads a bit towards that '80s-druggy territory that we all enjoy. I wrote a bit about the mix that may or may not be worth reading depending on what kind of visuals you'd like for the mix. Supply your own if you're so inclined, or rely on mine to paint the picture.

Air Conditioned Theater (43:19)



Korean Tacos

This story hits some sort of weird trifecta for me: tacos, Korean and .


LIFE Style: Ladies

Did you know that at one point Sophia Loren was the richest woman in the world? Story goes that her husband Carlo Ponti taught her to buy art and she really got the hang of it. I think this is more in the licensed eye wear era, not the "yowza!" era. Marone!

Iman. For all the YSL nerds out there, the designer is quoted as saying "My dream woman is Iman." Dude had taste.

I like Catherine Deneuve better as a blonde, but hey I can deal.

And, I like Anita Ekberg better in the Fontana Di Trevi, but again, I can deal.




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Sound Barrier


From The People Who Bring You the National Lampoon

Catalog of Heavy Metal covers


LIFE Style: Jazz

"Take this, Return To Forever."

Jazz musicians have long been know as stylish cats. But then you start looking around for proof and you run into the '80s, when all Jazz musicians did not dress cool. From Miles on down to Chick Corea, we're talking shoulder pads or worse. It's cool if you're Duran Duran, but to me George Duke in the '80s just shouldn't be wearing the same thing as some horny young guys from the UK. Here's a look at Jazz style peaking in it's pre enchanted-dragon-warrior fusion days.

The guy in the background could be one of those rap producers dressed up today to look like a Jazz performer from back in the day. But that would be incredibly corny. Stylists need to chill on the period pieces. This cat in the front shows how little the music industry look has changed. People calling shot's just prefer buckle back hats and goatees, I don't know what it is. This is '58 thought, which is kind of wild.

This cat's 1952 heavy coat would make a comeback in the '80s, but if you really want to look cool, invest in some good frames, a beard and bedhead.

This guy looks low. Maybe that's the best time to get dressed.

I don't know, I guess this guy looks pretty cool too.





Always Searching, Never Perching

First Tokyo, now London town. Disco casual never died. J.W. Anderson executes the Dennis Parker look at London Fashion Week, right down to the 'stache. Incredible. This fall is going to be more Halston-Gucci-Fiorucci than 1981.