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Barry Put Together

No surprises here, we all knew Barack was a cool cat. I don't think anyone would have necessarily been able to pin his college look down as "session player for War", but hey. Personally, I was thinking more like "extra from The Big Chill", that is to say a little more preppy, but Barry real turns on the west coast vibes with the butts, the chapeau and the bracelets. via ricky
  • Gentei's lookbook features a flick through Calee's new range. The brand's take on classic American blue collar is developing rather well.
  • So I'm back on the blogging wagon. That is to say, writing words. There's more company than before. It's pretty interesting that everyone has a blog. My buddy Sky even has one now. Yikes!
  • How come whenever anyone writes about Visvim, it's still that their products are the most well constructed ones on the market? I mean seriously are people road testing these shoes and backpacks with crash test dummies, brick walls and wrecking balls? People don't like them just because the designs are nice?


Future Gamestop Managers of America

This was a little project I sketched out over the summer- Future GameStop Managers of America. GameStop as a brand and company is pretty interesting- it's the sole survivor of a decade or so of video game stores battling it out in the marketplace and in court. You might fondly remember shops like Babages, Software Etc. and Funcoland (personal favorite). GameStop is what's left.

For the trader in you, if you read down through to the end of the Wikipedia entry, there's some innapropriate musings about the GameStop stock, which is fine, but I just don't remember any stock tips in .

I just had to retype that, I unconciously wrote Enyclopedia Dramatica.

Ad dudes talk about "dark marketing"- marketing under the radar, covert communications, discreet branding. What if a company underwrote their own spoof? Paid good money to get made fun of. Kind of like a Friars Club Roast for your brand. I think people would tune in.