3rd & 43

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While Kiss spent their early days rehearsing and playing in empty clubs, Frehley took a job as a part-time cab driver to pay his bills. In September 1973, Kiss began to receive a salary from new manager Bill Aucoin that paid each member $75 a week. This enabled Frehley to quit his job. - Wikipedia


LIFE Style

"Oh yeah, the creepy Japanese guy that's been sneaking around campus taking pictures of dudes? He went thatta way..."

I sincerely hope the sandwich board mounts a comeback as the pinnacle of the retro-dapper trend. While we're on it - when was the last time you saw someone doing this job today not in sweats? Today you wouldn't even wear this to a board meeting with God & Son LLC.

But if you'd like to take that meeting, something can be arranged.

Peter O'Toole was ballin' before it was ballin'.

I'll take famous Randys for $500 Alex, please.

Michael Caine at his floppiest with wife Shakira. Word on the street is that he peeped her in a coffee commercial and it was game on.

The socks are never coming back. Or, are they?

There's nothing better than a shot that makes you say "'81 or '61?"

I heard they named a fucking search engine after this dude!

My man takes suit, shirt and hat to a whole new continent.

Meanwhile, Anthony Michael Hall does nothing of the kind, but still looks kind of ill. And a little freaked out.


The Love That's so Real

Raynoma often got frantic calls from Sherrick begging her to bring money to destitute parts of Los Angeles to pay off dealers who often held her car (which he took off with) as collateral for debts. - MSN Music



In a story in this week's New York Magazine, Adam Sternbergh gives you a brief rundown on legendary, in my mind, actor John Cazale -
The classic tidbit of Cazale trivia is that he appeared in only five films, all of which (The Godfather, The Godfather Part II, The Conversation, Dog Day Afternoon, The Deer Hunter) were nominated for a Best Picture Oscar. The films are all landmarks, of course, and so Cazale—best known as the frail Fredo Corleone—may be vaguely familiar.
Rediscovering John Cazale runs at BAM from July 29th through the 2nd of August.

Whatever Whatever Whatever

Shame about the lowered production values.


Do That Stuff!

My Key Philosophy

Involves listening to this song in a huge field in a paisley shirt and some sort of drawstring pants with both Paul Okenfold and DJ Harvey.




Maid of the Mist

Photography by Rich


Sexy Mix



Black Dune

A Silent Flute - Black Dune (92:06)

Underground Resistance "Big Stone Lake"
L-Wiz "Syrup Feeling"
Ashra "Don't Stop the Fan"
Carl Craig "Suspiria"
Rhythm & Sound "Friend (version)"
Tyler Bates "Piss & Vinegar"
Legend4ry "Mellow Nights"
Autechre "Nil"
Rhythm & Sound "Never Tell You"
Conquest "Forever"
M83 "Waves Waves Waves"
Kaito "Awakening (beatless)"
Dune "Late After the Storm"
Tom Middleton "Margherita"
L-Wiz "Amy Diamond"
Vladimir M "Intercity Dreams"
Instra:Mental "Photograph"
Fennesz & Sakamoto "Mor"



Materials on Red

A new acrylic on panel work by the artist Julian Duron.


Pale Fire

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"Pale Fire" shoot, GQ Spring/Summer '89, photographed by Frans Van Der Hayden.


Collaborative Art Jam

That was quick. Like the Haring mural before it, Os Gemos' Houston street piece has been "souped-up" by the locals. Not sure if the Times will be able to spin this one into a feel good tale as with the Haring "collaboration," but I'm sure they can follow our embellishers instructions for a cute little e-mention. Hope someone has the great idea to put Plexiglas over the next one then - yuck.

Earth Bitches

Nick Gazin is so much the man that he has a LiveJournal. Also, even though it was for a fundraiser, Gazin still threw in a naked lady and insinuated ROM as pimp/slavemaster. Bits of up-and-comer is stuck in this guys moustache, sportsfans. Check out his party at Cakeshop too.



Saint Laurent lasted twenty days in the military before the stress of hazing by fellow soldiers led him to be sent to a military hospital, where he received the news that he had been fired by Dior. This merely added fuel to the fire, and he ended up in Val-de-Grâce, a French mental hospital, where he was given large doses of sedatives and other psychoactive drugs and subjected to electroshock therapy. Saint Laurent himself traced the history of both his mental problems and his drug addictions to this time in hospital. - Wikipedia


Strawberry Wine

"The band shortened the name because none of the band members at the time wanted to be called "Cosmic Corn Cob" - Wikipedia

The Sequel

he trailer for Yuppies 2 is way better than the trailer for regular original .


Six Degrees of Freedom

The engine for Descent is a portal rendering engine, operating on the premise of interconnected cube-shaped sectors. Sides of cubes can be attached to other cubes, or display up to two texture maps. Cubes can be deformed so long as they remain convex. To create effects like doors and see-through grating, walls could be placed at the connected sides of two cubes. Descent introduced an elaborate static lighting scheme as well as simple dynamic lighting, where the environment could be lit with flares—another advancement compared to Doom. - Wikipedia



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n middle school, I did my movie-based-on-a-book report on Lawrence of Arabia. We had to dress up as a character from whichever moviebook we picked as well. So, I came to school in Arabian-lite, psuedo-Bedouin garb, involving a sheet, dad's white hippie shirt and a pair of cowboy boots. As far as this line Camo, they're really pushing these drop-crotch pants and knickers, like for seasons on end. That's fine. I'm glad to see some Italian streetwear out there. Beyond the gear though, this faceless equestrianism creative direction is fairly inspired - a great weird world they've conjured up.


The Arab Parrot


Fruit Shop

Dubstep gone balearic, finally.

In Peace

“Rest stops are a record of the culture of our transportation history, of how the Interstate system changed the whole dynamic of our country dramatically.” - Historian Joanna Dowling quoated in GOOD Magazine's Rest Stops, R.I.P. article.


Those Days Are Gone

David Sylvian's subsequent solo work is described by critic Jason Ankeny as "a far-ranging and esoteric career that encompassed not only solo projects but also a series of fascinating collaborative efforts." Sylvian's solo work been influenced by a variety of musical styles and genres, including jazz, avant garde, ambient, electronic, and progressive rock. - Wikipedia



"Jaco" off the first PMG album.


Uptown Girls

Far out fashion feature from this month's Theme magazine issue. Entitled Uptown Girls, the spread (is way better in print, and...) was styled by my Fader bud Mobolaji Dawodu. If you do indeed pick up the print version, scope out my pieces on DJ O and his kimchee and Hyden Yoo.