My Bed Sheets so Cool

Woah, what the heck is this?


You Just Don't Know

Featuring Paul Hardcastle on the the keys. Bonus beats: "Tryin' To Get Over."

Livin' In The Jungle

Head Porter Plus is doing this whole safari thing, I just realized. Anyone else reminded of '92 Banana Republic vibes, when they had the stuffed jungle animals and Jeep in the store? In all honesty, a BR safari tee was probably one of my first crucial graphic tees, and I'm probably not the only one. Mainly skeptical of HP+ (it cost how much? Oh. and I can get it where? Oh...) as one of those highly-jocked, rarely-rocked brands, they should get some proppage on the jungle kit here. Not that Calvin Klein and Polo haven't made it happen for years, but a Zebra print shirt is kind of fresh this summer. Zoom in and you can see they kicked it into high gear by working it so the fabric looks a bit like the Zebra hair would. Via Hypebeast


To Find The Perfect One

Also good by Matisse is "La Dolce Vita". Sylvia says "sounds like she's never heard a black person sing before."


Solar Eclipse

Buy The Creatures "Solar Eclipse" so I don't have to.


On Butts in Brazil

Down to a science, but takes out none of the fun. The beauty of it all. Who knew butts were so deep. Err...


t is believed that pointed teeth are related to animal characters, witches, or bad evils. So, in order to be fully human, the teeth should be filed.


The Crash of 1989

New father-to-be Mel on the cover of 1987's March issue of GQ. I can get with the 100% cotton look here.


5 Delancey

New Yorker's should consider a trip to Consortiums, at Bowery and Delancey right before you hop on the JMZ. Good vibes, nice selection of vintage gear and new designers you're probably not aware of (Procede, Well Played). Cool as shit.


Great Deals


Cactus Especial for Test Pressing

I've created something balearic for one helluva site, Test Pressing. Feels fun and summery to be in such great company. The mix is called Cactus Especial, and covers a fairly broad range of points in time. My favorites are "NYC Dharma" and "Epilogue." I guess I'm on a roll.

John McLaughlin: New Karma
Thomas Newman & Chaz Jankel: Sondra & Jeff
Special EFX: Fun in the Sun
Major Force, Hiroshi & Gota: It’s a New Day
A Reminiscent Drive: NYC Dharma
Tangerine Dream: Alien Voices
Eberhard Schoener: Epilogue
Teruo Nakamura: Morning Mist
Azymuth: Dear Limmertz
Ryuichi Sakamoto: Venezia
Melon: Somewhere Far Away
Jimpster: Frames With Frames
Stefan Robbers: Foreign Dimensions
Paco de Lucia: Entre Dos Aguas
The Durutti Column: Opera I
West India Company: Alaap Shankara
Daniel Lanois: The Deadly Nightshade
Ash Ra: Monsoon
The Bionaut: The Juicy Reminder



No Kimono

A Silent Flute - No Kimono (63:19)

Ryuchi Sakamoto "Grasshoppers"
Bryan Ferry "Kiss and Tell"
Propaganda "The Murder of Love"
Duran Duran "Winter Marches On"
Johannes Schmoelling "Matjora Is Still Alive"
Joe Hisaishi "Pure White"
David Bowie "Ashes to Ashes"
Mylene Farmer "Vieux Bouc"
Freur "Doot Doot"
Thomas Newman Less Than Zero score
Isao Tomita "Clair de Lune"
Pat Metheny "Chris"
Wham! "Blue"
Masanori Ikeda "City Lights"



The Only Love I've Ever Known

Photographer Bruce Davidson's "Brooklyn Gang" collection, shot in the borough over the summer of '59, set to Bob Dylan's new "Beyond Here Lies Nothin'." Or maybe it's the other way around.


The Look?

Dudes - is this not completely the look right now? Am I nuts to say that?