Chick & Keith


LIFE Style

"Oh yeah dude, what's up?! Nah man, I'm just sitting here talking to you, looking at some dorks look at me on the Internet. Hey, who knows man, I guess they might dig my fez."

This is a thoroughly right-on number for summer in NYC, even if he was in the desert shooting another western. Patterned chill fest shirt says, er, "I'm chillin'," and then you got the cool guys specs. Rick Owens said some shit about physical fitness being the new haute couture, but I think fat guys can look cool nonetheless, Rickster.

Wait, so do the Puerto Rican sneaker heads on the JMZ know they're rocking the Madonna rosary kit? Or is it D&G via David Beckham at this point? Eitherway, first designer to release these pants and call them "the Jellybean pant" is a winner.

If there's a takeaway, it's that sometimes it's cool to rock a little black and white. And cut a butt.

I'd disadvise dressing like any of these characters, but if you want to party like them, then that's fine.

I wouldn't have gone for the contrast chest box, but that's just me. I'm conservative.

Casual Saturdays.

There's a bit of a Nas swag thing going on here, isn't there?



Mr. Olympia


The Angels Fell

A rainy day in New York reminds you of different things.


Miracle World


Bedroom Farce

By Joey 7


450 L$

Use this orbiter to go with your friends at the most peaceful zone of Second-Life. This orbiter of 1 to 8 passengers capacity, will reach your targeted altitude (between 800m to 4000 m) and will rez the LOST ALTAR environment for you and your guests.
High-resolution scenic view of the lost valley. Relax there with your friends or live the ancients rituals of the gods.
- Z-Boutique




Toi et Moi on l' Sait Quand Même

In 1984, Farmer met Laurent Boutonnat, a young film student also enrolled in Cours Florent, when she replied to a newspaper ad for an actress for a small film he was working on. Farmer and Boutonnat became friends and forged a creative partnership, writing and producing the music. Boutonnat, whose ambition was to become a film director, was the force behind Mylène’s videos. Much of Farmer's fame and success can be attributed to elaborate and theatrical music videos which are seen as short films. Her concerts and videos are compared to those of Michael Jackson and Madonna ("Pourvu qu'elles soient douces" lasts 17 minutes, while "California" was directed by Abel Ferrara and cost $700,000). - Wikipedia


Tri Tra Trulalla

Joachim Witt became a major star of the German pop scene during the Eighties with huge hits such as "Herbergsvater" and "Der Goldene Reiter". He was one of the biggest names of the so-called "Neue Deutsche Welle" (new German wave), of which performers like Nena and Falco were also a part. - Wikipedia. Via Mafia Hunt.


The Latter

In life there are two kinds of people - those who you Wikipedia and those you Google Image Search. Via Egotastic



A Silent Flute - Vacanze (75:51)

Jean-Luc Ponty "In Case We Survive"
Azymuth "Remembering Milton"
Weather Report "Cannon Ball"
Osamu "Frost Flowers"
Stanley Clarke "Concerto For Jazz/Rock Orchestra, Part 1"
Janne Schaffer "Atlanta Inn 2419"
Terje Rypdal "Back of J."
Steve Khan "Daily Village"
Tangerine Dream "Mojave End Title"
Skywalk "First Snow"
Bjorn J:Son Lindh "Off Shore"
Steve Hillage "Healing Feeling"
Andreas Vollenweider "Steam Forest"
Pat Metheny "Are You Going With Me?"


From a List to the Masses

etween this and OJ Da Juiceman, why even pay for a music video in 2009?


Plato's Retreat

Henry was amused by Plato’s hot-and-cold buffet—an offering Levenson extolled as if it were a feast fit for Dionysus. “The food there was great,” he insisted. “We had barbecued chicken and spare ribs. We had salads: chicken salad, shrimp salad, egg salad. We had everything.” - Jon Hart


The Tombs

Heading from Chinatown to TriBeCa you'll hit the processing garage at The Tombs. We've all walked by a million times, but Uncle Geez had the presence of mind to snap a few pics from day-to-day, catching a few criminals (who knows what these cats did) on their way in. It's also exciting when they back that paddy wagon in. One time my homie ran into a certain rapper he'd interviewed for Vibe or Blaze on the way out of the tombs for serving a little time. Not sure if I can't remember who it was or just don't want to go there. Bayard and Baxter is a tourist destination if you're mad real. After that you can go check out the Chinese checkers scene at Five Points. Take that Fodors.


Touching My Body


Decisions Made by Fate

Propaganda was formed in Düsseldorf, Germany, in 1982 by Ralf Dörper (a member of the German industrial band Die Krupps), part-time DJ Andreas Thein and singer Susanne Freytag. As a trio, they made demo recordings for future release. With the inclusion of classically trained musician and composer Michael Mertens and 19-year old vocalist Claudia Brücken, journalist Paul Morley signed the band to Trevor Horn's newly-formed ZTT Records label. - Wikipedia