David Sylvian and Ryuichi Sakamoto on the cover of, well, Does Anyone Know What This Magazine is Called? Magazine. Look bottom right for a tiny, dancing cartoon Boy George.

UPDATE: It's called 8 Beat Gag, and it's a comic featuring these two cats in this particular issue. Amazing. Thanks!


Map of Dreams

"Have we done anything for the poor in this country?"


LIFE Style

Nothing better than posting superficial style shots of highly significant people who helped steer the course of our country. Great crisp white shirt, Doc. I think this waistline might sneak up on us.

Too bad you can't cut butts on the fairway anymore. Also too bad - golf attire today. Start reconsidering pleats, I give it two-summers-till.

This is the look Herman Diehl might shoot all those cute cats out there this summer running around with bow ties and chambray shirts - inventor for "yeah dude."

No commentary necessary.

Ernst Schnable in the Greet antiquities section of the Louvre. A legitimately neat place to hang out.

Looks like Phil and Mick may have traded suits. Mick got the short end of the stick. Playing with proportions. Or, drumsticks. I think Lemmy said that Pat Benatar had quite the keyster, recently, if I recall.



The Beer Refreshing

From the Land of Sky Blue Waters,
From the land of pines' lofty balsams,
Comes the beer refreshing,
Hamm's the beer refreshing.

Despeina los Cabellos

I'm there.



Babak Radboy

It's always decent to wrap your head around something entirely different. As a writer, I'm typically working the style beat - of late though, I've been fortunate to grab a couple artist profile assignments from Theme. Last week I shot the breeze with an artist called Babak Radboy, over in Seward Park for a forthcoming issue of Theme. Radboy works on a magazine himself, Bidoun. His angle on art and the art world itself is heavily conceptual, to put it lightly - he made a few nice observations that I didn't really catch completely till I transcribed my recording. That type of thing. Since my word count for the assignment is on the short side, I may have to run the interview in full here. You'll get a kick out of it.

Here's an excerpt from the interview that I can pull out now:
"I was invited to do the Younger Than Jesus show at The New Museum. I didn’t know it was going to positioned as this whole thing of packaging youth culture as some sort of vibrant form - and I don’t think youth culture is vibrant, I don’t think there are counter cultures at this point in history. But anyway, what I did was I went and took the catalog from the show the year before, scanned in the installations, digitally omitted the artwork, so that I could insert my work into The New Museum. The thing that I heard was that I wasn’t necessarily going to be in the show, but everyone who submitted would be in the catalog. So I had this strategy of creating this image that I was in the show anyway."



On The Beach

Richard Misrach

Influenced by Ansel Adams and Dorothea Lange, Richard Misrach produces pseudo-surreal topologies.

Sometimes NPR works better with images, so thanks John D and Catherine T.




Available on LP, CD and cassette.

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A Perfect Night

"I was treated to a triple whammy. The auroras came out, noctilucent clouds lit up the horizon, and a meteor streaked across the sky. It was a perfect night."


Italian Firecracker

“I’ve become really fascinated with fantasy and monster movies and the naïveté of the ’50s. Somehow I feel, socially, after a war or after something really bad happens there’s a rebirth of naïveté, so that’s where my obsession comes from. That’s when the fame monster is born.” - Lady Gaga in Out


Bar Out

MJ Day

Bar Rafaeli shot by MJ Day for the 2010 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Aooga.

Fred Falke "When I Look Into Your Eyes"

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One Kiss

Boz Scaggs performing "Miss Sun" live in Japan, '85. Take notes - his keyboard player is wearing a letterman jacket with no shirt on underneath.



Nine Eyes

Jon Rafman

"Although the Google search engine may be seen as benevolent, Google Street View present a universe observed by the detached gaze of an indifferent Being. Its cameras witness but do not act in history. For all Google cares, the world could be absent of moral dimension." - Artist Jon Rafman on his Google Street Views collection.



LIFE Style | Loose State of Mind

Summertime means parties, pools, surf, sun and one maybe less obvious 's' - spa. Nothing beats a good sweaty Saturday soak. This summer I've checked out a few notables. The Korean Spa Castle in Queens is wicked, but is a bit of a family affair on the weekends, as a heads up. Properly, the best bit is the respective men's and women's locker rooms - no swimsuit required and plenty of space to spa out. Now, for a less nude-slash-familial experience, head to the Russian & Turkish baths in The East Village. While it's not as meticulously groomed as Spa Castle, there aren't kids running about and it is in there, let me tell you. There are even guys there that will beat you with a soapy mophead. Perfect.

Inspired by the spa, I got to thinking about the attitude and overall robe-life of spa hopping. Lose the collar, lose the belt and get far out. Once everyone gets over these broadcloth, protestant vibes, I think we'll see a cool, flowing, hot weather lick in a nice way here in NYC. Maybe when they run out of twists inMad Men, they'll send Don to Morocco. That type of thing.

Mahatma was a real pioneer, and not just in dressing like a cool dude with bigger priorities than doing so.

Krishnas were never properly cool, but they were relaxed and always looked like they were having a great time. Where'd all these guys go anyway? Off somewhere throwing back some ?

Here's a more American take on the robed look. Clearly more functionality over anything else, you gotta admit Schmeling looks mega-mellow. It's a state of mind. This guy beat people up for a living, for cryin' out loud, and look what a nice little robe sesh did to his attitude.

Don't reckon that it gets much more low key than this scene. Ah, to be the Sultan.

Gucci Preacher makes Gucci Mane look like a real a-mat.

India has it completely right; why trudge around in anything other than PJs if it's going to be one hundred out?

Joe Dana published The Orcale. Also he chilled out a lot and split rent with a free form dance troupe.

Mia looking good back in the late '70s chilling in Martha's Vineyard. The shirt's a great mix of spa style with twist of stars-and-bars Americana. Levi's wish they were making this top. PS - why would Levi's splash all that coin for the "Go Forth" campaign and not redo their fit models on the site? Nerd alert.

Some spas like to break up the fun, but I say, let us have some, we're all adults here, right?



After Salò or the 120 Days of Sodom via Purple Diary

The film is considered a masterpiece by some artists. - Wikipedia

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White & Soda

Herbie Hancock in a 1985 ad for Suntory Whiskey.




Bull Bay Bowl Sesh

Jamil GS

Click yourself on over to Jamil GS's newly minted, and might I add, very sunny and nicely vibed, web log, for a peek into the photographer's JA snaps. Usually tag clouds are completely lame, but Jamil's is already looking good - the word SKATE next to MYSTIC. That's cool.

Living Free

Goldie presents the Metalheadz podcast.


LIFE Style | Howard '46

Looking forward to a crisp fall in a few months here now that summer's kicked all the way in, especially after looking over these images of Howard U campus in the late '40s. Wool trousers and a varsity jacket might be the move. But, let's make it through August and then we'll talk, I'm still thinking about staying ABAP. As Balearic As Possible. And fair isles just aren't. Note - no jeans. Chinos rule everything around me.



Now That I've Found You

One might know Linda Difranco from her disco-heads classic or maybe the megarhythmic (favorite tune). Here she lays down Burt Bacharach's "The Look of Love". This song is cheesy, no question, which has never stopped me in the past, not feeling guilty in the least there. And hey, Grover Washington Jr.'s may be cheesier, if you can believe, made all the more pungent by featuring a brand new South Street Seaport across the East River in the background. This tune gets the job done though, plus extra credit for the melodrama in the video. Clever.


Feels Good Man