Al Mio Whisky s'e Aggrappata

Dati personali Luogo di nascita: POMPEI ( Napoli ) 14 Agosto 1954 Qualifiche professionali Autore programmi Rai. Autore programmi televisivi e radiofonici per varie reti Italiane ed estere. Autore brani musicali. Direzioni artistiche varie. Conduzioni radiofoniche e televisive in Italia ed all’estero. Produzioni musicali. - Wikipedia


Mind Your Own Business | Consortiums NY Q&A

After telling friends that retail pro Andre Munoz had opened his store, Consortiums New York, on Delancey at Bowery, I believe the quip was, "is it a Jimmy Jazz franchise?" Lol guys, lol. Completely devoid of Nike boots, the vibe at Consortiums does hit an urban note, but think more Danceteria and less Club Cheetah. Not that it's dark inside - the store has a breezy, dare I say balearic, touch, with a white-washed interior and plenty of beach friendly media for proper style-slash-book nerds. As for the fashions of the day, the store hits all the right notes, offering up goods like a little downtown shop should - heavy focus on cop-on-site wears (new and vintage), with a wink towards the best bits of new street smart casual. We ran it down the line with Munoz to get the story on his new counter.

A Silent Flute: Were Consortiums a movie marathon, what would the line up be?
Andre Munoz: Basketball Diaries, Kids, Fresh, Mo' Better Blues, After Hours, Downtown 81, Manhattan, and Panic in Needle Park.

[Here's a YouTube compilation of some of the - ed.]

If you could borrow some artwork for the store, what pieces would you bring in?
Claes Oldenburg's Giant Soft Fan from the MoMa, Four Colors Four Words by Joseph Kosuth which is at the Hirshorn in DC, Andy Warhol and Basquiat's Felix The Cat which was at Van De Weghe last year I think, and then James Rosenquist I Love You With My Ford from the Guggenheim.

What's your criteria for store stock?
I look for brands or products that have their own identity - being able to identify a button down shirt, a graphic tee, or piece of art just by looking at it. I think that's a problem with today's market, too many duplicates without their own identity. They get lost in the endless amount of brands. When a customer says "oh, that looks like so and so," that's when you've lost them.

What are we going to see in the store over the summer?
Great polo shirts and button-downs from Well Played, Amazing women's button-downs from Sibel Saral, simple graphic t-shirts from Procede, $18 shoes and great vintage designer pieces.

You're across from The Bowery Ballroom - favorite bands?
Liquid liquid, ESG, James White and The Blacks, A Certain Ratio, Delta 5 - just some of the bands that I would want to see at The Ballroom.

The retail landscape in the city is changing fairly quickly these days. You know the lay of the land well, what do you make of it?
Well, I'm not happy to see anyone go. It's very difficult to start a business and keep it going strong. The way the economy is shaping up, it's getting rid of the waste and excess. It can't be all about milking whatever trend is hot for now. I think it's really going to rely on how smart a business plan is, and that will really show once we're out of this recession.

What's good to eat in the neighborhood these days?
El Castillo De Jagua
- amazing and really affordable Spanish food that's been in the neighborhood for years . Vanessa's Dumpling is cheap and pretty decent, and then Tiny's Giant Sandwich Shop, for the Big Mack Daddy, one of the best burgers I've ever tasted.

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One Hundred


Some Percentage Off

I've always been a fan of that joke where it's like "little boys underwear, 80% off," and it's about like Michael Jackson and K-Mart, and what they have in common. In that spirit, I suppose, OAK is promoting their sale with some images of bare breasts, which is something I've always been a proponent of, whether it be editorial direction or marketing tactics. Also there's a bit of the cross dressing, which rules (ninth image).

The Unwearables

Glad Style.com decided to run a piece on the more far out fashion bits out there these days. Enough with the kick-butt oxfords already. Fast forward to slide 21 if you're a true player. Hype, hype, hype!


Rose is a Rose is a Rose is a Rose

Via Use My Computer


Only Takes a Moment


LIFE Style: David Gumpilil

As a young boy, Gulpilil was an accomplished hunter, tracker and ceremonial dancer. Unlike many Indigenous people of his generation, Gulpilil spent his childhood in the bush, outside the range of Anglo-Australian influences. - Wikipedia


Take Me To Hell

, for those so inclined.


Stood and Watched The Mannequins

Godwin has recently been writing lyrics for Steve Winwood, the first fruits of which appear on Winwood's 2008 album, Nine Lives.


The Gap

Art Club 2000 was initiated in 1992 by New York art dealer Colin de Land and seven art students from The Cooper Union School of Art. The group, through weekly discussions over the course of a year, worked towards the idea of producing an exhibition. This first exhibition, Commingle , was realized at American Fine Arts, Co. in 1993 and took as it’s subject the retail clothing chain, The Gap. The show included group portrait photographs, store-display installation, and included texts and documents researched and produced by going through the store’s trash.


Floating on Air

In the first number she sings over the "Tubular Bells" riff, then she covers "Monkey Chop." Wha?

Varied Shapes



Giorgio Armani shot by Aldo Fallai, 1988.


Bande Dessinee

Valerian by Jean-Claude Mezieres and Pierre Christin.





Cindy Sherman is an American photographer and film director known for her conceptual self-portraits. Sherman currently works in New York.


Shek Kin, 1913 - 2009

Shih starred in many of the early Hong Kong Cantonese Wuxia films. His name has become synonymous with "villainy" as he played the roles of villains most of the time. In Hong Kong, there is a slang expression for comparing one's evil deeds with Shih Kien's, despite the fact that those deeds were committed by the villains he played. Shih was well-respected within the Hong Kong motion picture industry and recognised as a kind and passionate person. - Wikipedia


Celebrity Gossip

Is Emilio De La Morena the greatest designer of the past eight-to-twelve centuries?


El Amor Ya No Existe

Sentimiento Muerto fue una banda de rock venezolana formada en la ciudad de Caracas en el año 1983. Con una trayectoria larga y varios discos editados, Sentimiento Muerto es considerada como una de las bandas de rock más populares e influyentes de la escena musical venezolana.
- Wikipedia

Ibiza '64

Naty Abascal and Ana-Maria Abascal with Helio Guerreiro, bathing suit by Brigance, Ibiza, Spain, September 1964. Photo by Richard Avedon.

Avedon Fashion 1944-2000 runs through September 6th at ICP.



A Machorotic gallery of Luis Royo works.



Brian Blade plays the Highline on the 24th of June, with Daniel Lanois.

Will Logo Survive?

"Recently, as I was working on a LogoWriter program, I noticed that when I tried to print a number followed by a parenthesis, LogoWriter displayed a space before the parenthesis. After some thought, I realized that parentheses are special characters. After consulting my LogoWriter manual, I found a primitive named CHAR that accepts a decimal value bewteen 1 and 255 and returns the character corresponding to that value..."


The Parachute Ending

Birdy Nam Nam's "The Parachute Ending" animated by Will Sweeney. Mild cribbing from and , which is absolutely fine with me, just worth pointing out.


Much of Sailor's best material revolved around their adventures on shore leave, especially in the "red-light quarter". Dressing in sailor gear that went with the image, they might easily be dismissed as something of a novelty, but created some enduring and finely crafted pop music. - Wikipedia


Great Hot Weather Looks

Chris Lambert riding high the year of Tarzan, 1984. In the next two years he'd go on to star in not only Subway, but Highlander as well.

Like the Sunshine

The Korgis are a British pop band, originally composed of singer / bassist James Warren (born 25 August 1951, Bristol) and singer / drummer Andy Davis (born Andrew Cresswell-Davis 10 August 1949), both former members of 1970s band Stackridge, along with unofficial members guitarist Stuart Gordon and keyboardist Phil Harrison. - Wikipedia