Cakin' 4 Shizzle

What up Doggies. I rear-ended some chick this afternoon. Not to mention the fact that i got in a car accident.

Damn, did you watch the Oscars? More golden globes than the Golden Globes! TOo bad i like d00dz!! Hees Cu73!!

What is up with this dress? Looks like she is waiting for the bus. "My dress is by EastPak, it's to die for isn't it?".

Whatever man, none of them movies was good either... where was AVP? ALONE IN THE DARK? HELOOOO!!! and how come the logo for The Aviator they kept showing during the nominations looks like the logo for another Oscar winner, Zardoz...

I had the fine opportunity to dine at a little number called Golden West this weekend. It was no Zardoz, but it was a nice place for tha dinner cru. The chef must be a carb addict, because i like a little apple and brie with my bread when i order an apple and brie sandwich. That is to say, the slices of bread were like two loafs. Speaking of loafs.. we ended up discussing poop sandwiches, and i had to admit that i prefer the floater on rye.

Is this annoying?

There were some very hot women posted on BGHD over the weekend.

Finally, i would be remiss to not show you these cakin' kicks, from The Glade.