A Child of the Jago

Wicked stuff. Barnzley's been at it in one way or another through many trends, great to see another angle and a fresh approach post-streetwear, let's say, with the A Child of Jago collection. The line's been floating about for a bit, but just dug this up while looking up and thought "what if Barnzley's got a bit of the YouTube action?" Indeed.


Weird Wide Web


When I'm not watching Zune multimedia banner ads featuring Common (ugh, someone dead these please), I like to surf the webs. While there's a lot of really smart stuff out there to surf through, basic web principles dictate that immediate weird gratification rules the roost of your online mind. For example, you log on to 4chan, and an hour and half later you're an hour and a half's worth of 4chan dumber. For those that prefer their weirdness in digest form, I suggest the following for their up to the minute reporting on the weird world of wasted time.

Semen Sperms Blarrrg- New York notes, current events and archival B Movie round-ups from the IRAK semenite

Bastard Sqaud Blog
- Stream of conciousness .jpegs and bastardized rants

Coattails Dot Org- News, music, art and more, the CNN of the weirdest parts of YouTube, plus megamixes

  • I thought it was funny how many commenter were bummed out about the ganja references in Hickey's line when ACL posted images of Hickey designer Aaron Levine last week. I'd never really considered Hickey before, maybe on account of the weeds, but it's not half bad and definitely half off right now.
  • How do we think DJ Kay Slay's publication Straight Stuntin' will fare in 2009's shifting media marketplace? I heard they might name Coco Crystyle Executive Editor...
  • For all the job searchers out there; Toucan Taco is hiring.
  • My Mother sent me this link regarding Japa Meditation, adding-
"I was practicing it vocally once on Gateridge [our old street] when you or Caleb [my brother] opened my bedroom door and asked me what I was doing. I quit practicing it then because I thought you two thought I was weird enough as it was. However, I found that I felt quite euphoric when practicing this."

In A Tub

In A Tub (52:40)

A special mix for my friends at, brought to you by In - A - Tub and Taco Hut.


Celeb's Rocking Heat: On Air Edition

Did anybody else hear Howard Stern call the guys at Public School "cock suckers" this morning? The inner side panel care tag was irritating Howard's hip, prompting him to speculate that the designers of the $150 t-shirt were "cock suckers." That is to say "a broad or a gay guy." Can anyone confirm the size of theses tags? They sound huge. Howard, Artie and Robin actually went on for a while about it. Pretty funny. That's cool though that Howard wears Public School. Someone might want to send him the whole Spring '09 line now though, might be a good PR opportunity. Spin it Dao-Yi, baby! Send 'em a XXXXL too for the baby gorilla. I'm picturing fat ass Artie in a hip and happening leather bomber jacket...

Download the clip


Genetically Engineered

Is it just me or will people be teenagers around the country be seeing this question on the SATs on an upcoming Saturday morning:

Engineered Garments is to Legos as Ralph Lauren RRL is to _____

a) Tacos
b) Duplos
c) Nachos
d) Vatos

Correct answer is b) Duplos. Not that Daiki Suzuki is trying to take anyone to the house, but if I had to pick a winner on nailing the intricacies of American outdoor/workwear, well we know who the winner is off his very nice S/S '09. Sorry Ralphie, we still love you...

  • ...because you've got the hooked-up monogramming, of course. Five fonts and ten colors? It's NikeID for adults. And remember when you used to put rude names for your high scores on arcade games? I wouldn't hesitate to bring that back. Maybe that's the big trend for '09; cheeky monogramming. Just think- you could drop $90 bones for a custom fit dress shirt that says "GAY" or "ASS".
  • I know it's winter, but how balearic is the ? It's "Georgia on my Mind" performed by the Doc Severnson Orchestra. Download it here. Man, who played bass on that??!! Funky. The drummer is ripping and dipping too.
  • If you ever need a hair cut, I resolutely reccomend Chris over at Frank's Chop Shop. Call (212) 941-6361 and set up an appointment with Chris today!
  • What do you call these things where it's, like, 15 people blogging on the same site? A team blog? A blog-o-rama? Blog till you drop? Two new good ones for 2009: Cool Cats and Club Mumble.
  • I love deals. Forget about paying full price retail forever.

These guys rule. What do you think, F train?

Mariachi Subway from Unemploymentality on Vimeo.