Garden of Eden

From those who brought you Fecal Face and Coattails, Bodega Boys is now brought to you. A secret leaflet, Bodega Boys is for readers and lovers of the arts. For my contribution to issue two, I've created a soundtrack of so-called oldies, golden or otherwise. It was my thought that the stylsish everyman of today is dressing with a wink to the American past, the '50s and '60s, as we know - so why shouldn't they have something to listen to on their iPods that suits such a look and feel? Slow dance with your girl, drink a can of beer, read a paper book and enjoy that weekend, sports fans.

A Silent Flute - Garden of Eden (50:30)

The Rebels "Wild Weekend"
Santo & Johnny "Caravan"
The Challengers "Tequila"
The Myddle Class "Gates of Eden"
Jimmy Rabitt "Wishy Washy Woman"
Irving Ashby "Big Guitar"
Chaino "Rockin' In Trinidad"
The Turbans "When You Dance"
The Chords "Sh Boom"
Buddy Knox "Party Doll"
Curtis Lee "Pretty Little Angel Eyes"
The Ventures "Party In Laguna"
Johnny & The Hurricanes "Red River Rock"
Dave Baby Cortez "The Happy Organ"
? & The Mystereons "96 Tears"
Googie Renee & His Band "Side Track"
Wheels "String A Longs"
The Relations "The Image"
The Clouds "Spacemen"
The Critters "Mr. Dieingly Sad"
The Rays "Silhouettes"



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool Daddy yo

8:05 PM
Blogger  said...

the Mad Men Chronicles, Harvey would approve...

8:06 PM

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