A Bandit of Time

My friend Alexandre at C'est Quoi Ta Montre got in touch with me for his ongoing Style Files series. Alexander said my white strap was very cool/badass. Along with my responses I put together a little mix of just what I've been listening to of late, callled A Bandit of Time. It doesn't have Time Bandits on it though. Just a heads up.

A Silent Flute - A Bandit of Time (43:25)

Washed Out "Feel It All Around"
Justus Khoncke "Give it to Me Easy"
Ashra "Club Cannibal"
Ny-Lon featuring Kate Smith "When You Love Someone (Lifelike remix)"
The Bionaut "Lemon"
Peru "Whales"
Kris Menace "Dreamsequence"
Daft Punk "Make Love"
Phoenix "Listzomania (Classixx mix)"



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