Opera Nocte

“When you meet the girl who wouldn't et cetera you will tell her that you are slumming, visiting your own six A.M. Lower East Side of the soul on a lark, stepping nimbly between the piles of garbage to the gay marimba rhythms in your head. Well, no not gay. But she will know exactly what you mean.” – BRIGHT LIGHTS, BIG CITY

A Silent Flute - Opera Nocte (72:56)

Eric Serra “Song To Xavier”
Startled Insects “Thunk”
Paul Haig “Trust”
Eloy “Cha-Shoen”
Phil Manzanera “City of Light”
Tom Scott “Burundi Bump”
Ashford & Simpson “Babies”
Ronnie Laws “Rolling”
Norman Salant “Kiyo”
Bill Laswell “Work Song”
Vladimir Cosma “Metro Police”
Chakk “Years I Worked”
Steve Hillage “Serotonin”
Alain Markusfeld “Atlantis Rock”

photo by Uncle Geez



Blogger  said...

Song for xavier from Subway's soundtrack...that's a comitment!

11:50 AM
Anonymous Jimmy Sevenways said...


Smashed it again homie!

11:06 AM
Blogger  said...

thanks guys

11:47 PM
Blogger  said...

Dude. This is fucking sick.
Thank you.
Big up from London yeah!

10:38 AM

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