Universal Dress Rehearsal

Universal Dress Rehearsal (60:20)

Since my earliest mixes on the site were posted without track listings, I'd like to now go back through and re-post them with the listings. I've probably gotten the most ID requests for Universal Dress Rehearsal, so if you were ever wondering, now you know. Glad to scratch that itch, my friends from around the universe.

Synergy "Delta Four"
Eberhard Schoener "Trans Am"
Automatic Man "What's Done"
FM "One O' Clock Tomorrow"
Jan Hammer "Peaceful Sundown"
Alain Markusfeld "Contemporous, 2nd Movement"
Jimmie Spheeris "Sighs in a Shell"
Michel Magne "Voyage en Eau Profonde"
Passport "Loco-Motive"
Tony Williams "Eris"
Lenny White "Rapid Transit"
Billy Cobham "Total Eclipse"
Jerry Goodman & Jan Hammer "Night"
Bill Bruford "Age of Information"



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is most welcome, my man. I've been driving myself crazy for literally years trying to figure out what that Automatic Man joint actually was (I never copped their second album, thinking it wouldn't be any good w/o Shrieve). Looking forward to the Taximetre tracklist!

4:08 PM

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