No Kimono

A Silent Flute - No Kimono (63:19)

Ryuchi Sakamoto "Grasshoppers"
Bryan Ferry "Kiss and Tell"
Propaganda "The Murder of Love"
Duran Duran "Winter Marches On"
Johannes Schmoelling "Matjora Is Still Alive"
Joe Hisaishi "Pure White"
David Bowie "Ashes to Ashes"
Mylene Farmer "Vieux Bouc"
Freur "Doot Doot"
Thomas Newman Less Than Zero score
Isao Tomita "Clair de Lune"
Pat Metheny "Chris"
Wham! "Blue"
Masanori Ikeda "City Lights"



Blogger  said...


5:32 AM
Anonymous Alex said...

More genius lessons. Your mixes make me smile man. No homo.

9:54 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi - I love this mix - but sadly it seems to cut off after Tomita at 47 min 20 ??

8:29 AM
Blogger  said...

I downloaded it and played it in browser just fine, all the way through, so maybe try again?

5:59 PM

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