Keep 'Em Dancing

Because there isn't a video for and so you know why the McLaren Supreme Vans looked the way they did.

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Version City II

With some unconscious forethought, I saved a note of the tracklisting for Version City II. In case you were wondering. Only now do I realize that I put two Lenny White cuts on it - it's worth mentioning, the guy was quite stylish, rarely photographed without his signature hat. Of course, Gil Scott Heron wasn't half bad himself.

A Silent Flute - Version City II (60:46)

Flash and The Pan "Waiting for a Train"
The Rivits "Future Soon"
Phil Manzanera "Diamond Head"
Lenny White "Prince of The Sea"
Space "Running In the City"
Mick Fleetwood "Super Brains"
Edwin Birdsong "Kunta Dance"
Chaka Khan "All Night’s All Right"
Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson "Late Last Night"
Lenny White "Night Games"
Osamu "Yesterday & Karma"


You Know More Than Me

They say Europeans use Dailymotion more than YouTube. I've been looking around for this music video for Linda Di Franco "TV Scene" for many summers, so maybe "they're right and maybe there's a whole stash of Euro vids to be found. While it's not the more dance floor friendly classic 12" mix, I'll live; the sax solo and "how does it feel" ad lib are both intact. In related news, I managed to stuff this tune on a new mix, forthcoming. Look for it. It's the one with the piano bridge.



Torture Taxi by CTRL+W33D

20 minutes of w33d jams: CTRL+W33D's Torture Taxi



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