LIFE Style: Chilin'

This particular collection of images is about one of my favorite pastimes; chillin' out. You can chill by yourself, or you can invite friends and make it a chill festival, like my friends here in Cannes.

A good thing to do is get ice cream. Or drunk.

When he wasn't 007-in' on 'em, George Lazenby was quite a master of chilling with babes on the slopes. Note the ultimate in chill attire - pas de laces.

Chilling with babes es muy importante; they can keep you warm in Central Park. Yowww.

Christian Slater
has always been a fan of relaxing by doing drugs, which is certainly one way to do chillin'. Important mellow attire is a t-shirt and khakis.

But, you can be dressed up and also be low-key. I'm not a big The Who guy, but Roger Daltry's style got kind of interesting in the '80s; lots of striped shirts, lightweight blazers and jackets with tailored pants. Tres chill.

Pitt's overall vibe is cool, because you can tell he's saying to himself, "OK, let's get this over with so I can go roll a doob." Even in Inglorious Basterds.

This is some dude that went to Yale, protesting something. I don't exactly get what there is to protest if you're going to Yale, but whatever, he doesn't looked too stressed about it. OK, looks like it was about apartheid, but still.

A chill ensemble from The Dominican Republic. Supreme will never, ever make pleated pants, by the way. Dare you, Baque.

Unfortunately, Ralphie Lo's cornered the mindshare market on the ageless sport of polo, yet there's a whole lot more style and vibes going on than pique, especially in Texas. A good way to burn through a Saturday.

I get the distinct impression whoever did the tagging on the LIFE image archive doesn't know one Baldwin from another.

These Korean guys weren't actually chillin', they were fighting.

This cat is cafe ready in a t-shirt and a double breasted.

Pierce and Andre are relaxing; khakis, salads, water. Quite a mellow one.

Anthony Perkins in white chinos, maxing, relaxing.

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OpenID jane said...

You failed to mention lounging in cashmere. It is the most divine way to literally chill. I enjoy the scenes. merci.

12:34 PM

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