Color Ways

One thing to sort out now for the summer is your tote bag, park/beach blanket scenario, right? Please do not get that blanket that comes with a handle you saw on eBay or whatever. And if you got the Supreme Budweiser tote, that's tacky son. Unless it's for your girl, then that's a pimp decision you made right there. Now, you could get real ACL-on-it and get some vintage scenario that some dead dude used to carry logs in or whatever - or you could save yerself the time and trouble and just sort it out on LL Bean like a normal person. Something interesting LL Cool Beans's offering right now is the Custom Boat and Tote. As a sneaker joke, I did one in a Jordan I colorway, yo (I will be seriously excited if there are kids outside Uniqlo that've matched a custom tote to their Js though). But I'm thinking more like above ultimately (you know I'm all about the "Dark Bronze bottom," if you know what I'm saying). And why go to all this trouble? To take shorties on dates. And once you're done, make sure you Don Draper that ho and shake your trash out in the park.

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